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UK viewers get ready for an epic and dramatic home and away showdown

The latest dramatic death scene from Home and Away will air in the United Kingdom next week.

The high-stakes episode that aired as Australia’s 2021 season finale in November last year is about to be seen by Channel 5 viewers.

Mia Anderson (Anna Samson) bravely informs Chloe (Sam Barrett) the truth about her father Matthew Montgomery in upcoming scenes (James Sweeny).

When Chloe finds out that Matthew sexually attacked Mia, she decides she no longer wants anything to do with him.

Chloe rejects Matthew’s calls and blocks his number in an attempt to keep him out of their life.

Matthew shows up at the Diner during a shift to visit Chloe, unsure why she hasn’t contacted him. Chloe explains that she is aware of the truth about what he did to Mia and that she will never see him again.

Matthew refuses to accept Chloe’s rejection and visits her later.

Mia runs outside to defend Chloe when she hears the argument.

When Matthew grabs Mia and wrongly accuses her of spreading lies about him, he reveals his true colours.

Chloe grabs a brick and smashes Matthew over the head with it, fearing for Mia’s safety.

Matthew collapses to the ground, and when Chloe and Mia go to check on him, they discover he’s dead.

Mia takes command of the situation by putting Matthew’s body in the trunk of a car and telling Chloe not to tell anyone what happened.

Mia drives away with Matthew’s body in the boot, but her erratic behaviour attracts the notice of police officer Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), who is on duty in his patrol car.

Mia is keen to get away from the local cop, so the unexpected encounter escalates to a high-speed chase.


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