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Neighbours Spoilers for Next Week – 29th January to 1st February

Next week on Neighbours, a sad getaway occurs, including the permanent goodbye of one character, Melanie persists in her pretence of dating, and Chelsea keeps going after gold.

Neighbours’ upcoming episode promises to be an emotional rollercoaster as a long-running character chooses not to come home from what was supposed to be a well-earned vacation to Erinsborough.

Who will it be—Krista (Majella Davis), Leo (Tim Kano), Nicolette (Hannah Monson), Aaron (Matt Wilson), or David (Takaya Honda)?

In other news, Terese learns something unexpected about Melanie’s new “love interest,” while Chelsea Murphy (Viva Bianca), a recent arrival, keeps slyly making her way into Paul (Stefan Dennis)’s life.

Here’s what to expect on Neighbours from Monday, February 29 to Thursday, February 1.

1) Chelsea keeps going after gold
fresh visage Cara Varga-Myrphy’s (Sara West) sister Chelsea is adamant about seeing millionaire Paul again the next week, but his hectic schedule keeps getting in the way.

Chelsea feels she needs to be more like Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) after he becomes preoccupied with his ex-wife. She makes an effort to speak with Terese about business in order to obtain intelligence.

Afterwards, she gives herself a complete Terese makeover, mimicking her movements, her preferred perfume, and even her fashion choices.

The strategy works, and Chelsea exploits Paul’s nostalgic bond to the woman he still loves as a hook when he detects the familiar scent.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

But just as Chelsea is about to approach Paul again, Sadie (Emerald Chan) interrupts her. Following a motivational speech from Sadie’s mother Wendy (Candice Leask), Chelsea is approached by Sadie who requests to know when she will be paid for her recent work at the pop-up stand.

Chelsea accuses Sadie of being impolite for requesting the money earlier, claiming that they had an agreement to pay within 30 days. Chelsea is embarrassed to be called out in front of Paul.

Sadie has been tricked into believing she is at fault, and Wendy and Andrew (Lloyd Wills) are furious about it. They take up Sadie’s cause and demand that Chelsea pay their daughter by the following day.

Cara learns from the demand that her sister is impoverished. Reluctant to cause trouble with the Rodwells after their turbulent initial months together, Cara gives Chelsea the money but requests that Chelsea keep quiet about Remi (Naomi Rukavina).

However, nothing stays a secret for very long (well, not JJ’s paternity, anyway). Remi confronts Chelsea and says she’s only in town to shamelessly gold-dig when she finds the napkin that Chelsea used to practice signing “Mrs. Chelsea Robinson.”

By purposefully starting another fight between the two wives, Chelsea disavows the charge by “accidentally” disclosing that Cara has given her money.

Chelsea’s continued interest in Paul makes him feel flattered, and he accepts her invitation to supper. But soon after, he finds a romantic picture of Krista (Majella Davis) and Leo (Tim Kano) on social media, which makes him lose his cool.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

In light of this, he presents Sadie with an intriguing proposal.

What plans does he have?

A frustrated Chelsea snaps at Cara and Remi’s marriage, telling her sister that she’s settling, when a business situation forces Paul to miss their next date. At last, a distraught Cara advises her sister to return to the Gold Coast since she is not wanted at No. 30 any longer.

Chelsea, who is struggling, tries more and more frantically to catch Paul’s attention. She checks herself into Lassiters and then entices Paul to her hotel room with a complaint.

She pulls him in for a kiss, telling him she doesn’t like to wait for what she wants, and it looks like she’s finally got him just where she wants him.

Will her prospects of gaining his closeness be ruined by the horrific events of the last week, or will a rock-bottom Paul be even easier to manipulate?

2) Toadie stands up for Melanie
This week’s episodes saw Melanie continue to get back into dating, after she built up the nerve to approach the Drinks Diva’s fruit supplier Santo Oliveira (David Serafin) for a drink.

Even though they tried their hardest, the couple quickly understood they weren’t meant to be together and decided to stay friends and business partners.

Melanie wants Terese and Toadie (Ryan Moloney) to think that she’s finally moved on, so she keeps talking about her new “romance” with Santo in front of them rather than telling them that the date didn’t go well.

Later, after notifying Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Holly (Lucinda Armstrong-Hall) that she’s going on a second date, she finds herself obliged to pass the time alone. In another scene, Terese tells Toadie and Karl that Melanie’s dating success has helped her let go of some of the guilt she was carrying about her happiness with Toadie, and that it looks like her jealously of their relationship is now starting to fade.

But when Terese runs into Santo while out on a date with their hardly seen neighbour Vera Punt (Sally-Anne Upton), things swiftly blow up. What’s more worrisome is that Vera is unaware that Santo is also “dating” Melanie.

The following day, Terese questions Melanie about her relationship with Santo in an attempt to determine if they are still exploring their possibilities. She’s taken aback when Melanie steps up the drama, saying that she already knows that she and Santo are “meant to be,” and that they are already exclusive.

Terese first chooses to keep secret about the fact that he is dating other women because he thinks it is best for Melanie to be focused on Santo. She does, however, ultimately tell Toadie about the news, and she is surprised by his unexpected response.

Toadie loses all control of his rage at Santo for allegedly two-timing him and lashes out at him when he and Terese later run into him and Melanie at the complex.

Amazon Freevee / Jackson Finter

Amazon Freevee / Jackson Finter

Will Melanie acknowledge her deceit?

3) An idyllic vacation becomes a nightmare

I all, what better way to set up a tragic scene than with a few unexpectedly joyful moments? The following week, David, who has avoided talking to his father since the events of Flashback Week, starts to show signs of weakness towards Paul.

Unaware that he hasn’t called him “Dad” in over a year, Paul relishes the occasion and feels as though he and his son are getting back on good terms.

Ray Messner / Freevee by Amazon

David, Aaron, Nicolette, Leo, and Krista are all looking forward to their beach home vacation the next day. However, Nicolette must first overcome a challenge when Sasha McLain (Sunny S. Walia) unexpectedly shows up in Erinsborough.

After locating Sasha last week, Nicolette informed him about Veronica’s (Ellen Grimshaw) recent stalker-like actions and pleaded with him to inform his divorced wife that they had never genuinely had an affair.

Amazon Freevee / Jackson Finter

Additionally, Nic admitted to Sasha that she had no affections for him and had merely been playing tricks on him to show that he would be disloyal. Naturally, Sasha chooses to ignore all of this and shows up to Lassiters with the intention of pursuing the relationship that Nicolette had previously enticed him to pursue.

Unbeknownst to them both, Veronica is observing from the shadows, and her belief that Nicolette and Sasha are a couple grows when she witnesses them sharing an embrace.

Amazon Freevee / Jackson Finter

The five of them don’t know that Veronica has secretly accompanied them as they leave for their beach vacation on Wednesday.

Before supper, the two couples go for a walk, leaving Nicolette by herself in the beach home and completely at Veronica’s mercy.

Nicolette goes upstairs to the roof and confronts Veronica there after spotting a stranger slinking by the window. She’s trying desperately to talk her down, but time is of the essence.

Nicolette is compelled to call Sasha because Veronica is positive that Sasha is travelling with her. This proves to Veronica that Sasha isn’t at the house with them because she can’t hear the phone ringing.

Will it be sufficient to persuade her, or will she make a foolish decision?

Meanwhile, a second horrifying surprise—Eden—interrupts Leo and Krista’s stroll. While he is free on bond, he tells Krista that he is aware of their unborn child.

A battle breaks out, dangerously near a big drop, while Leo intervenes to protect Krista. Is someone going to fall off the embankment?

4) Jane conveys the terrible news.
In the touching segment from Thursday, the vacationers dash to the base of the embankment. What or who will they discover?

While Terese and Toadie are having dinner with Andrew and Wendy on Ramsay Street, Paul is snuggled up in bed with Chelsea at Lassiters back in Erinsborough.

While sipping their drinks, a dishevelled Jane (Annie Jones) shows in with some shocking news that takes them all by surprise.

As the shock of what has transpired spreads around Erinsborough, Toadie becomes uneasy when Terese’s only want is to be by Paul’s side.

Who perishes in the great tragedy of Neighbours?
The deceased person’s identity won’t be revealed until the Wednesday, January 31, and Thursday, February 1, airdates of the shows.

Actor Matt Wilson was seen filming what appeared to be the aftermath of the heartfelt episodes back in September, so it’s quite obvious that this isn’t Aaron.

Last year, during a piece on 10 News First that aired from Nunawading Studios, Matt was seen briefly filming what looked to be a wake on the set of The Waterhole. Neighbours has returned to Network 10 and Amazon Freevee.

The deceased was depicted in an out-of-focus portrait on a table, and every character in the scene was dressed nicely.

On the NeighboursFans forum, Park_Neighbors

Soon after, the clip was taken down from the show’s social media accounts, but it was too late since fans quickly shared it again and for the first several months, a death was officially declared.

We will find out who passes away in less than a week.


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