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Former Home and Away star stuns fans with new look: ‘Are you freaking kidding me?’

Sam Frost, a former cast member of Home and Away, stunned her followers on social media by flaunting a new appearance.

On Wednesday, the actress posted pictures from a recent Sydney event to Instagram.

The photos have the text, “Yesterday for the Australian Women’s Film Festival.”

Sam named Heidi Scarlett King, her makeup artist, and mentioned that Ralf Studios was the source of her statement dress.

Her “lob,” or long bob, had black roots that lightened to blonde ends, creating a balayage impression.

The actress and mother of one looked stunning with her sun-kissed, tan complexion, well-defined eyebrows, and thick mascara highlighting her vivid blue eyes.

Bright pink nail polish and neutral-toned lipstick finished the ensemble.


Fans were enthralled by Sam’s elegant ensemble for the event.

Sarah Roberts and Georgie Parker, coworkers on Home and Away, shared several red love hearts emoticons on social media, while Angie Kent, a reality TV star, commented, “Are you freaking kidding me?” along with a heart eyes emoji.

“Stunning girl,” a fan commented.

“Sam, you are absolutely beautiful as always!” Another gushed.

“I adore your hair 😍,” a third person said.

“Amazing evening”
Sam included a film from the Australian Women’s Film Festival in a different article, along with details on how she prepared for it.

The caption for the video read, “What an inspiring night surrounded by some of the most exceptional creatives in the film industry.”

“Congratulations to the amazing staff at the Australian Women’s Film Festival for creating a wonderful and safe space for the sharing of significant, touching, and thought-provoking stories.”

Sam acknowledged Sarah Roberts, who was also present, by name.

She said, “And thanks to my gorgeous girl @sarahroberts for making the night so fun.”

“We neglected to take any pictures since we were laughing and conversing far too much.

“But believe me, she appeared just as stunning on the inside ✨ x.”

Up to 2021, Sarah Roberts portrayed Willow Harris in the well-liked drama Seven.

One fan wanted Sam to respond to a serious question they had.

Gorgeous! They asked, “When are you and Sarah returning to Summer Bay?”

Sam has already expressed openness to the idea of making a comeback, even if it is just a brief one.

In May, the actress invited her followers to ask her any questions via her Instagram Stories.

“Maybe one day,” Sam said in response to a fan who questioned if she would ever return to the show.

“I’m not even being dramatic when I say this, but I reckon about 85 per cent of the questions were about Home and Away,” she stated in a similar Q&A late last year.

“It was really nice, you know, all this positive nice stuff about Home and Away, and how many people are asking if I’m coming back and how much they miss me,” she went on.

“Look, never say never to answer your question.”

Sam stated that her priorities are “being a mum, growing a healthy child” and that she does not currently have any plans to return to the popular show.

Ted, the actress’s son, was welcomed into the world by her girlfriend Jordie Hansen since then.

She pondered, “But who knows what will happen in the future?”

Maybe Jazzy will come back someday and sprint the beach a couple of times, start some drama, and do all the fun stuff.

“I really do miss the crew; they were amazing, and it was a lot of fun to work with them because I laughed so much.”

“So, you know, I dunno, maybe later.”

In Home and Away fan Facebook pages, fans responded quickly; one even wrote, “I hope so.”

“I hope she returns.” Loved Jasmine,” one person remarked, while another added they “missed Sam.”

From 2017 to 2022, Frost played Jasmine Delaney, swiftly winning over fans.


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