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Neighbours spoiler: Toadie shares major revelations

An irate Terese finds out from Toadie that Melanie said she still loves him and wants him back. Brokenhearted, Terese confides in Wendy about her pain.

Toadie’s hesitancy tells a lot when Melanie later asks whether or not he told Terese how he felt.

Krista, meantime, notices that Paul’s “objections” to the “Lie-In” have only come through Chelsea and decides to go up to the penthouse during Chelsea’s break to get confirmation of his position.

In return for Krista standing up for him with Leo, Paul consents to the event. Will Paul be successful in his last-ditch effort to get in touch with his son?

Wendy is intrigued when she sees Andrew in another location going through a family photo book and notices his guarded response. He stays strange for the remainder of the day, and Wendy begins to piece together what could be wrong with her husband.


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