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Sophie Dillman shares upsetting challenges she faced on the soap

“It can be really hard.”


Sophie Dillman, a former Home and Away actor, has discussed some of the distressing difficulties she encountered while working on the soap opera.

Currently a columnist for Yahoo! Lifestyle Australia, Dillman, who played Ziggy Astoni from 2017 until her departure earlier this year, recently wrote an article about her experience on the show.

The soap star confessed that she found the “lack of privacy” and “public scrutiny” challenging to take, despite the fact that working on Home and Away was the “best experience” she’s ever had.

“I’ve had my friends targeted and attacked by spineless keyboard warriors who have called them awful names, spread lies, and threatened people in comments on my Instagram,” she wrote.

“Embarrassing articles that were written about me (particularly regarding my appearance) caused me to sob hysterically in front of Woolworths in Westfield.

“Interviewers have questioned me in ways that are clearly improper, and I’ve had to respond without sobbing or fleeing. In essence, it can be really challenging.

Dillman continued by saying that despite these difficulties, working on television has provided her “access to all kinds of opportunities.”

“I have had the honour of getting to know some amazing people who have helped shape my career, given me advice, and motivated me to do and be better,” she concluded.

“These amazing people have given me a sense of belonging and importance, which has improved my work as an artist and, hopefully, improved my overall character. The coolest people on the planet are creatives.


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