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Penny McNamee rumoured to be returning to Home and Away after being spotted on set

Following the sighting of former star Penny McNamee, Home and Away fans have gone into a frenzy.
As Tori Morgan, Penny, 40, had her final appearance on the Australian serial opera in 2021. Her character married Christian Green, moved to London, and had a daughter named Grace before leaving Summer Bay.

A fan teased Penny’s comeback to the show on a fan page by posting pictures of their interactions with Penny and a few other cast members while they were on the Home and Away set.
“We spoke with Tori/Penny, and she informed us that her character will only be returning for a few weeks, which is really amazing! She’s so beautiful,” the admirer said as the post’s caption.
Penny and Channel Seven have not officially confirmed or denied the return, though.
After five “amazing” years, Penny said to TV WEEK that there was a “great sense of relief” when she departed Home and Away in 2021.

“This is a hard job. Furthermore, the tremendous strain I was experiencing from balancing my role as a mother and raising children seemed as though a weight had been taken off my shoulders,” the woman remarked.
“It was hard.”
Even with her heavy schedule and sometimes lack of sleep, Penny said it was “all worth it.”
“If I could go back in time and do it all over again,” she said to TV WEEK.
“When I think back on it all, I say, ‘Wow, what a ride.'” Thank you so much for everything. I can still clearly recall that little child, who would have wanted to have been on Home and Away, even now I am thirty years old.”
Penny did make a comeback to Home and Away earlier this year in March 2023, although she did it as a writer rather than as Tori.
The Australian actress uploaded a picture of the show’s closing credits to Instagram.
**PLoTwiST! “Same legendary team, different place in the credits,” she wrote as the photo’s caption.


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