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Late Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo vowed to stay alive for Xmas

The tragic moment Johnny Ruffo, who passed away on Friday morning at the age of 35, swore to live until Christmas 2022 was captured in an interview that has since leaked.

The Home and Away actor passed away in a Sydney hospital after a protracted fight with brain cancer, but an old interview reveals he lasted much longer than he had anticipated.

The musician told 7News last year that he wanted to live to see Christmas 2022 after his incurable brain disease returned after going into remission in 2017.

He acknowledged at the time that he was keen to make it to the holiday alive in order to attend a long-overdue family reunion.

He mentioned that he was especially looking forwards to seeing his brother Michael, who had been residing in Ireland for three years at that point.

“I haven’t seen my brother in three years because he lives in Ireland now, but I really can’t wait to see him this Christmas,” Johnny remarked.

“We are as close as thieves.” He really is my hero. To me, he is everything. And I’m eager to see him. I’m not sure how I’ll respond, I’m so excited, he’s everything.


To Johnny’s joy, he lived for nearly an additional year and made it until Christmas 2022.

At the age of 35, Johnny lost his battle with brain cancer on Friday morning at a Sydney hospital.

A representative shared the tragic news on his Instagram page, saying he died quietly with his loved ones and partner Tahnee by his side.

The statement said, “We had to say goodbye to our beloved Johnny today with a heavy heart.”

With the help of some amazing nurses and doctors, Johnny passed away quietly, surrounded by his partner Tahnee and family.

He was a pleasant, gifted, and occasionally mischievous youngster. Johnny had a strong will and was highly determined.

“He fought to the very end, giving it everything he had.” A lovely spirit with so much more to offer.

“Johnny, you have our undying love and we will always be grateful for the joy you brought into our lives.” Feel at ease.

Following a medical visit for excruciating headaches in 2017, Johnny was initially diagnosed with brain cancer.

He had a 7cm brain tumour surgically removed from his frontal lobe in August of that year after being sent for chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

The former X Factor contestant continued to compliment his partner Tahnee, calling her his “guardian angel” and expressing his uncertainty about what he would do without her.

After receiving his first diagnosis in 2017, Johnny experienced months of remission until disclosing in November 2020 that the illness had resurfaced.


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