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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week What’s next in Summer Bay?

What’s next in Summer Bay?

As Home and Away returns to our UK screens, Leah fears the worst as the doctors battle to save Justin’s life.

Elsewhere, Irene faces tough questions following her arrest, and Felicity lies to Tane about wanting to start a family.

Here’s a full collection of 12 massive moments.

Leah makes her escape

Leah and Justin are still imprisoned in the abandoned factory, and Justin’s condition is severe. Leah, whose life is slowly ebbing away, pulls herself to the top of the structure and calls Justin, telling him she will return for him.

After stepping outside, Leah realizes she’s in the middle of nowhere, and she starts having hallucinations due to her confusion.

She is motivated to continue after having a vision of Justin, but will she be able to get assistance before it’s too late?

Justin’s life hangs in the balance

Finally, Leah spots a vehicle down a deserted road and is able to flag down the driver.

However, by the time the paramedics arrive at the factory, Justin is already unresponsive.

He’s rushed to hospital, where Bree tells a distressed Leah she needs to prepare for the worst.

Leah prays for a miracle

Justin is rushed into the operating room for potentially life-saving surgery as his condition rapidly worsens.

Justin is lucky to survive, but the doctors discover that he has lost a significant amount of blood, raising the risk of organ failure.

Leah and Theo are limited to keeping watch by Justin’s bedside and hoping and praying he may awaken.

Irene’s in a state of shock

Irene is reeling following her arrest and rails at Rose for doing it in the middle of the Diner.While John searches for Cash to sort the situation out, Harper also finds herself under arrest.Irene has to undergo questioning, but fights her corner, telling Rose she had a very good reason to break the law.Irene spends the night in a cell

Outside in the waiting room, John blames Harper and Dana for the whole sorry mess. However, when Dana faces Irene she’s met with nothing but compassion and understanding.

Rose is the bearer of further bad news when she tells Harper and Irene the magistrate can’t see them until morning, meaning they’ll have to stay the night in a cell.

Cash breaks the law

Irene finds Cash after she spends the night at the police station.

Unfortunately, he can’t help because of his suspension, and the unfairness of Irene’s circumstances makes him wonder if he really wants to be a police officer.

Cash’s curiosity eventually gets the better of him, and he stealthily peeks at the Vita Nova file after Irene and Harper are freed on bail for the following day.

Remi lashes out at Eden

Since Kirby declared that she wanted to get Lyrik back together, Remi has vanished from sight. But if Kirby’s record company won’t let her out of her solo deal, there might not be a band to go back to.

When Remi eventually appears, Eden proposes having an unexpected band gathering.

Eden worries for her friend’s safety after witnessing Remi’s enraged response, telling Bree that she has never seen him act so pathetic.

Kirby hatches a risky plan

Ready for band rehearsal, Kirby and Theo show up, but Remi is nowhere to be found.

Kirby keeps coming up with ideas for breaking her contract while they wait for him to arrive.

In an attempt to get Forrest to notice, she decides to announce on social media that she and Lyrik are back together, believing that the fans will embrace the news. Will her scheme fail, though?

Felicity deceives Tane

Felicity cautions Broody Tane that it might take a long time for anything to happen despite his excitement to begin trying for a child. When Cash learns of the couple’s plans, he is taken aback and wonders why Felicity no longer wants children.

Felicity takes a contraceptive pill covertly after retrieving it from its hiding spot, indicating that she isn’t being entirely truthful.

However, Tane’s admission that becoming a father means everything to him makes her feel guilty.

Rose issues Mali with an ultimatum

To Rose’s annoyance, Zara, Mali’s “promised wife,” is still lurking around Summer Bay.

Later on, Zara interrupts Mali and Rose’s romantic evening, but she assures them that she is not an instigator.

Xander makes an attempt to dissuade Zara by pointing her that Rose and Mali need privacy. But Rose gives Mali a choice: it’s her or Zara when Zara keeps interfering.

Mali makes his mind up

Mali understands he needs to decide quickly because Rose and Zara aren’t willing to give in.

Since Rose is the one who ultimately has his heart, he tells Zara the truth, which encourages her to be honest about why she is pursuing him.

Finally realizing what was going on, Mali lets Zara stay at his house and asks Rose if he may move in with her.

Roo and Marilyn call a truce

Roo informs Marilyn that she must convey that she made the decision to move out after learning that Alf is returning to the Bay.

Marilyn and Irene, who accuse Roo of lying to her father in order to cover up her own unpleasant behavior, are equally astounded.

After the explosion, Roo acknowledges that she mistakenly made Marilyn her punch bag, but Irene’s words eventually go through. Marilyn also expresses regret for her earlier deeds.

When the two friends finally get back together, Roo extends an invitation to Marilyn to return.


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