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Logan kisses his ex, Neve, in new Home and Away promo

Logan kisses his ex-girlfriend in a new Home and Away teaser, a new twist that is destined to rock his relationship with Mackenzie.

Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) is the newest Head of ED at Summer Bay, having taken over from Tori (Penny McNamee) shortly after she and her husband Christian (Ditch Davey) moved to London.

After working as a trauma surgeon in Australia and abroad, the adventure-loving doctor swiftly adjusted to small-town living. He not only got a stable employment at Northern Districts Hospital, but he also began a passionate new relationship with Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir).

Logan agreed to move in with Mac in recent episodes that aired in Australia. Due to Bella’s (Courtney Miller) apprehension about having to adjust to yet another new flatmate, he was first sceptical, but the two eventually decided to go ahead with the move.

They’re on cloud nine, and in tomorrow’s (Thursday 3rd February) episode, they toast with champagne on the pier – but their joy will be fleeting, as their burgeoning romance is about to be jeopardised by a new arrival.

Neve Spicer, Logan’s ex, is played by Sophie Bloom.

The arrival of Neve was first hinted at in the 2022 promo for Home and Away, which aired after last year’s season finale and featured a mystery blonde approaching Logan and calling out “hey stranger.”


Now, a promo airing after the most recent Australian episode (Wednesday 2nd February) has given us more information on this new character, and it’s safe to say Mac will be disappointed.

While spending his first full day with Mackenzie, the newcomer texts Logan. He’s taken aback when he receives a text from an old flame, and he panics.

He only gets to utter the words “I gotta go” before bolting out the door, leaving Mackenzie scratching her head, unsure what she’s done wrong.

He is frozen to the spot as he wanders across the grass shortly after hearing a woman’s voice call out.

He has a fearful expression on his face, and as he turns around to face the blonde, he says, “it is you.”

He’s plainly torn: he’s astonished that she’s followed him to Summer Bay, yet he’s not pleased that she’s shown up unexpectedly, and it’s clear that he still has feelings for this woman from his past.

“This is insane.” “What brought you here?” “For you!” he inquires, to which Neve responds simply.

While Logan and Mac are in a good place, Logan’s background has always been a mystery, and whatever happened between him and his ex seems to have left a lot of unfinished business.

The doc’s leftover feelings are apparently too intense to resist, as the pair kiss on the pier shortly after their reunion in the new trailer.

“I’ve missed you,” Neve says softly as she moves in closer.

Logan makes no attempt to push Neve away as he wraps his hands tightly around her waist in a kiss that is far from one-sided.

We can only presume Logan failed to inform the returnee about his new relationship.

Logan’s kiss, unfortunately, will not remain a secret for long. Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) happens to be passing by, having just purchased a cup of coffee from the Diner, and notices the two locking lips.

“I just witnessed Logan kissing a woman,” she informs Dean (Patrick O’Connor) as she walks into the Surf Club.

Dean, as Mackenzie’s protective older brother, does not spend any time addressing Logan about his conduct.

“If you don’t talk to my sister, I will,” Dean warns him in the next scene of the commercial.

Logan, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to get a chance to confess before Mackenzie and his ex meet face to face.

“It’s just there are some things I haven’t told you,” Logan says as he approaches Mac at Salt, ostensibly with the intention of disclosing his past demons.

However, Neve appears at that very moment. She walks up to Logan and warmly throws her arms around his shoulders, saying, “Here you are.” Mac’s face falls silent in disbelief.

Logan realises he has no choice but to reveal her identity – “Mac, meet my ex,” he says exasperatedly.

What exactly happened between Neve and Logan? What brought her back, and what drove them apart in the first place? As Home and Away continues until 2022, there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

Sophie Bloom (née Hensser) plays Neve for the second time, this time as a past love who causes difficulties for a Summer Bay resident.

Fans of the programme may recall Sophie’s earlier role as Freya Duric, Xavier Austin’s (David Jones-Roberts) ex-girlfriend, who returned to town wanting to pick up where they left off in 2009.

After successfully separating Xavier from his fiancée Ruby Buckton (Rebecca Breeds), drug pusher Freya made even more waves both on and off screen by kissing Nicole Franklin (Tessa James) in front of a mob of kids at Summer Bay High, and then kissing Xavier’s brother Hugo (Bernard Curry).

Freya eventually left town with a wad of cash provided to her by Ruby, but not before taking a topless dive in the ocean in front of Alf Stewart, leaving poor Xavier to endure a thrashing from the dealer to whom she owed the money.


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