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Johnny Ruffo’s girlfriend Tahnee Sims breaks silence after his death in emotional video tribute

Following the tragic death of actor and singer Johnny Ruffo ten days ago, his longtime girlfriend has spoken out on social media.

The 29-year-old Tahnee Sims paid tribute to the Home and Away star, who passed away earlier this month after a six-year battle with cancer, on Instagram overnight. It was 1935.

Sims presented never-before-seen footage of the pair at their brighter moments, including walks on the beach, trips in the snow, and many other excursions over their eight-year relationship, in an emotional video montage.

Sims included a broken-heart emoji in the description of the photo, writing, “A forever love.”

Her large following, which included former co-star Lynne McGranger of Home and Away with Ruffo, responded to the video with an abundance of comments.

Sweetheart… What you are going through is beyond me. In our prayers and thoughts,” the actress penned.

“I’m eager to give you my warmest embrace. We all adored Johnny dearly, but you miss him dearly as he was your soul mate and your honey.


Sims’ video homage touched fans even more, as they showered her comment section with sincere sympathies.

“Life is harsh; I can’t fathom how difficult this is for you. One person wrote, “What a beautiful couple,” and another said, “I’m thinking of you.” He was fortunate to have you by his side, which makes me sad. He persisted in defending you.

After Ruffo was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2017, Sims remained at his side constantly. After meeting at a dancing studio in 2015, the pair had been together for two years when he started having excruciating migraines that occasionally required hospitalisation.

It was quickly determined by the medical staff that Ruffo needed immediate surgery due to a seven-centimeter cancer in his brain.

“She is amazing. In an August interview with the local Perth radio station Youth Jam, Ruffo remarked, “I can’t give her enough kudos for how amazing she’s been and how much I’ve been able to lean on her for support.”

“She has persevered through everything, stronger than I have.” I owe her so much for helping me get back up after finishing. I apologise; there aren’t enough words to express how amazing she has been. For myself and to me.

On November 10, Ruffo lost his fight with brain cancer. His distraught family released a statement following his untimely passing.

“We had to say goodbye to our beloved Johnny today with a heavy heart,” the statement on his official Instagram account said.

“With the help of some amazing nurses and doctors, Johnny passed away quietly, surrounded by his partner Tahnee and family.

He was a pleasant, gifted, and occasionally mischievous youngster. Johnny had a strong will and was highly determined. He fought valiantly and determinedly through to the very end. A lovely spirit with so much more to offer.

“Johnny, you are loved by all of us and we will always remember the joy you brought into our lives.”


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