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Home and Away’s Theo sparks a huge row over Ryder and Chloe

In forthcoming Home and Away scenes, things are going to become much worse for Ryder Jackson and Chloe Anderson, as another row breaks out between the pair and their pals.

The youthful inhabitants of Summer Bay find themselves in an embarrassing situation when Nikau Parata invites Theo Poulous over to his apartment – while Chloe is cooking – in scenes slated to show next week in the UK.

After all that transpired between him and Chloe on the night of Ryder’s party, Theo informs Nikau that there could be some tension, implying that he and Chloe slept together.

When Nikau, Theo, and Bella Nixon arrive, Nikau realises that inviting Theo was a mistake because Ryder is also present.

Ryder and Theo try to keep it cool, with Ryder even apologising to Theo – much to Nikau’s surprise following their earlier conversation.

Bella detects a problem with Nikau and compels him to reveal what’s actually going on. When Nikau tells Bella what Theo mentioned earlier, the two realise they’re in the centre of something far greater.

Things appear to be going well until Bella reveals Theo’s tale about sleeping with Chloe, at which point Bella, Nikau, Ryder, and Chloe get into an altercation.


Theo arrives to the Surf Club at the perfect moment, as the consequences from his falsehoods intensifies.

Bella chooses to leave the club, but Dean Thompson intervenes and attempts to stop her. As Dean attempts to persuade Bella to stay, she pushes him down, exacerbating his injuries and leaving him in excruciating pain.

After watching the argument between Bella, Nikau, Ryder, Chloe, and Theo, an angry Alf Stewart tries to put some perspective to the issue. Al, dismayed by their irresponsible behaviour, tells them that they all have family members who are battling for their lives.

Will they pay attention to Al, or will the drama continue?


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