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Home and Away kicks off Mia’s exit storyline in 26 spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images indicating what’s coming up on UK TVs starting Monday, May 16.

Monday, May 16th:

Theo and Chloe come into contact. They recently shared a night together.

Chloe has conflicting emotions. Despite having chemistry with Theo, she recently admitted to Bella that sleeping with him was a huge mistake.

Chloe is in shambles. She’d like to spend more time with Theo, but that would mean she’d have to stop playing the victim in front of Bella.

Theo is perplexed. Chloe refuses his repeated requests to hang out.

Theo runs into Chloe once more. They run into each other again.

Chloe takes a more assertive stance. She makes an attempt to reject Theo.

Chloe denies having any romantic feelings for Theo. She claims their night together was a blunder.

Theo is perplexed. He’s baffled as to why Chloe has abruptly changed her mind.

More harsh claims are made by Chloe. She claims that she only ever used Theo.

Theo is at a loss for words. It’s awful timing, because he’s already dealing with the presence of his father Dimitri in the Bay.

Dimitri’s strange behaviour persists. He’s having trouble controlling his rage.

Dimitri has achieved a breakthrough. He learned of Theo’s recent court appearance.

Theo’s blunder irritates Dimitri. He sees it as additional proof of Theo’s out-of-control behaviour.

Things get more personal. Dimitri holds Justin and Leah responsible for the situation.

Theo is being defended by Justin and Leah. He’s a good child, as far as they’re concerned.

Leah strives to bring everything back to normal. She is still uninformed of Dimitri’s brutality against Theo, but everything will be disclosed this week.

Friday, May 21:

Mia is still having difficulties. She had previously locked herself in the gym office and denied Tane and Nikau’s assistance.

Mia looks out over the water. Ari’s death is still very much on her mind.

Jasmine comes to a halt to speak with Mia. Mia’s struggles are obvious to her.

Jasmine tries to be helpful. She tells Mia that she understands what it’s like to lose a husband.

Jasmine considers Robbo’s death. She recalls having to flee Summer Bay when the emotions grew too much for her.

Mia is provided with some food for thought. She realises it may be time for her to depart from the Bay as well. Anna Samson, who plays Mia, will eventually leave the show due to this plotline.

On the beach, Roo and Irene had a conversation. Roo remains concerned about Martha.

Irene and Roo talk about the newest news. Martha is unable to return home due to her illness.

Roo is feeling helpless. Because Martha is in Merimbula, she can’t do anything to help.

Irene provides some suggestions. What does the Stewart family’s future hold?


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