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Home and Away spoiler: Irene discovers Harper’s secret

Once Cash has spoken with Anti-Corruption, he updates Harper. They have to wait until next week to meet with him. Cash is already making every effort to address the situation, but Harper is pushing for more urgency. They must cling tightly.

This is challenging because Irene gets home early. Harper scrambles to conceal that she has been keeping a wanted person under Irene’s home.

When Detective Madden shows up at Cash’s house for a confrontation, the upper hand alternates between them rather rapidly. Subsequently, Madden arrives at Irene’s front door, intent on escorting Harper into the station, but Irene resists being ignored. Either he gets a warrant or he leaves.

Having solved their Madden mystery, Irene smashes through Harper’s door and reveals Dana. The girls should start chatting, she cautions them.

Tane, meantime, says he saw how fast his newborn relatives are growing up during his trip to New Zealand. This prompts him to have a meaningful talk with Felicity.

Felicity only notices warning signs. She wants no children, and she wants no part of this discourse. After informing Tane that she is required at work, she unexpectedly interrupts Eden and Remi’s writing retreat.

Remi ends it when Felicity acknowledges that her sole purpose for coming was to hide from Tane and their discussion about starting a family. He believes that it’s time for them to all give up fleeing and face reality.


Shortly after arriving back, Tane, who has been looking for Felicity, bumps into her. At last, he gets to clarify that the big conversation he wanted to have was about their relocating to New Zealand, not about babies at all.

Kirby is excited to get fixing when he runs into Remi and Eden at Salt later. Sadly, the damage is extensive and the dialogue is chilly. Kirby heads back to Forrest, focused on her plans for her solo debut. Eden gets back to crafting the song about Kirby’s treachery with a passion.


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