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Home and Away’s Sophie Dillman reveals she was in ‘track pants for months’ during lockdown as she praises her boyfriend Patrick O’Connor’s race day fashion style

Sophie Dillman of Home and Away was a judge at The Everest Day’s spring fashion stakes earlier this month.

She also expressed her delight on Friday at finally being able to dress up for the race day celebration after months of enduring Sydney’s lockdown.

The 28-year-old told Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies on The Morning Show that she had a lovely day with her pals celebrating freedom with champagne.

‘I haven’t worn anything other than track trousers in months,’ she joked, ‘it was such a lovely day.’

Sophie also chatted about her event date, Patrick O’Connor, her real-life boyfriend and Home and Away co-star.

Kylie complimented the actor on his stylish wardrobe, which included a well-tailored blue suit.

Sophie added to the compliments, saying, ‘Honestly, he looked quite attractive, and it was such a great day.’ He (picks his attire) on his own, and he’s a lot more stylish than I am.


The actress laughed about her own fashion taste, saying, ‘If anything, it’s the opposite way around.’

In an Elliatt blue floral dress, she looked exquisite at The Everest race day.

They first met in Queensland at an acting school before reuniting on the set of Home and Away.

Sophie has been on the show for a little longer, having played Ziggy since June 2017, whilst Patrick joined in 2018 as Dean Thompson.

Sophie, a former nurse, spoke to Now To Love about their relationship earlier this year.

‘We were work pals at first, and it has helped us work well together today, so we’re fortunate in that aspect,’ she stated.

‘It’s good to have a friendship-based connection.’

‘At our heart, we’re best friends first, and we treat each other that way, but it’s also strengthened our connection from the start,’ she said.

‘At the heart, we are best friends first and we treat one other like that,’ she continued, ‘but it’s also made our relationship stronger beginning off that way.’


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