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Home and Away’s Sam Frost reveals she’s written a ‘raw, honest and real’ book about mental health and admits she knows ‘what it feels like to lose all hope’

After revealing that she has written a book, Sam Frost may now add published author to her resume.

On Tuesday, the 32-year-old Home and Away actress unveiled her new book, Believe, which will be released on March 30.

‘I’m overjoyed to report that I’ve written a book!!!!!! ‘I’m holding a copy,’ she captioned a selfie of herself holding one.

‘I created BELIEVE with my lovely sister Kristine and @hachetteaus – it’s all about mental health, and it’s based on my own personal experience.’

‘It’s honest, raw, and authentic.’ I don’t profess to know everything; I’m still figuring things out.’

Sam then went on to discuss her own mental health issues, saying that she still struggles with them.

‘I know how it feels to lose all hope, to be engulfed in darkness… not knowing how I’m going to get through another day,’ she said.


‘I’ve been through it, and I’ve come out the other side… (and crashed backwards many times).’

‘This is my narrative,’ she finished. One that I am quite proud to present. It’s about discovering strength, courage, resilience, and hope while learning life’s most important lessons.

‘I hope this book makes you feel less alone and provides you with light when you most need it.’

Sam confessed she suffers from ‘anxiety caused weight loss’ in a frank Instagram Story last month.

Sam discussed her mental health project, Believe by Sam Frost, in an interview with The Daily Telegraph in June.

The actress started the movement – which runs mental health workshops – back in 2015 with her sister, Kristine, who works as a youth mentor.

She said the Believe community has also helped her through some dark times.

‘Whenever I’m feeling down and out or the weight of the world weighs heavily on my shoulders, I get messages from our community telling me how much we’ve transformed their lives and how they’ve never been more optimistic,’ she added.


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