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Upcoming Surprises on Home and Away: 11 Thrilling Spoilers for Next Week

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Coming up on Home and Away, Marilyn’s under attack from Stunning Organics and Justin receives a mysterious plea for help.

Elsewhere, Tane questions whether he can trust Kahu, and Mac receives devastating news about Gabe.

Here’s a full run down of 11 massive moments coming up.

Marilyn faces Roo’s wrath

Despite Roo’s allergic response to the Stunning Organics face mask, Marilyn continues to work on her money-making project.

Roo insists that her friend close her business because she finds it inexplicable that Marilyn won’t even place a basic warning on the goods that put her in the hospital.

Alf is compelled to step in and get the Stunning Organics sunscreen from the Surf Club as the two women continue to argue.

To Marilyn’s horror, John also gets involved by advising customers not to use the product.

Marilyn makes a disturbing discovery

After Alf reconciles Roo and Marilyn, who had been at odds, the two begin looking into possible cases of harmful responses to Stunning Organics goods.

The investigation by the friends reveals some disturbing truths as they learn the dishonest business has a history of abusing both its clients and employees.

Marilyn decides to end her contract because she is outraged, but Stunning Organics denies her request by pointing out a one-year lock-in clause.

Marilyn feels trapped

Marilyn, who feels stuck in a 12-month agreement with Stunning Organics, consults a lawyer for guidance.

They only explain her predicament and caution her that breaking their rules could result in legal action.

Alf counsels Marilyn to play foul and give Stunning Organics a taste of their own medicine. But has she overestimated the difficulty of her situation?

Mali gives John a helping hand

There’s excitement in the Surf Club as Mali’s launch of Mantaray Boards proves a huge success. Jealous of his colleague’s abilities, John decides to up his game and declares the Surf Club needs a makeover.

However, his enthusiastic pitch for a revamp falls flat when Mali refuses to work for free.

Left on his own to do the job, John realises he’s severely lacking in artistic skill and taste. Mali soon takes pity on John’s failing project and offers to lend a hand, free of charge.

Justin wrestles with his demons

Justin has abandoned therapy because he thinks his trauma is irreparable. Leah thinks he was acting too quickly and wonders who will be the target of Justin’s next protective outburst.

Justin shows up for his first day of community service as Leah worries about their family’s future. With Cash in control, Justin is swiftly singled out as the officer’s partner and foments discord among the band of small-time offenders.

Justin receives a mystery SOS

During the initial part of his community service, Justin finds it difficult to contain his anger. Justin gets provoked by a teenage crook who offers to convince him to steal from their cleanup task, but he exercises self-control and refuses.

Without Justin’s knowledge, a message is smuggled over the fence of the neighboring house he’s cleaning and into his backpack.

Later, Justin finds the handwritten note, which appears to be from a youngster and begs for food and assistance, and wonders if it is a joke.

 Kirby feels pushed out

Eden still feels uneasy about her song for Cash being included in the set list, despite Remi’s efforts to get Lyrik in shape for their reunion tour.

When the band comes up with a fresh version of the love song, Eden has a change of heart and says she’s willing to have her music included on Lyrik’s debut album.

Meanwhile, Kirby begins to doubt her place in the band because she can’t help but feel Eden has taken Kirby’s place.

 Bree is haunted by the past

Bree and Remi have been reconnected in bed, and they can’t stop holding hands. Bree is happy that her relationship is back on track, but she does not like having to share her partner with his bandmates.

Kirby, who is having difficulty writing, invites the Lyrik members to divulge their darkest secrets and coerces Bree into doing the same. The intimate inquiry offends Bree, who declares that their interest in her life is completely unwarranted.

Bree is triggered by the trauma of her violent long-distance marriage to Jacob as Remi is about to embark on tour. Remi begs Cash to keep an eye on his girlfriend while he’s abroad out of concern for her safety.

 Kahu is hiding something

Kahu accepts to enroll in a TAFE course because he wants to satisfy his cousin Tane. When the newcomer contacts his mother and claims to be working on a lucrative fishing trawler, it quickly becomes apparent that the newcomer is not being completely honest.

Kahu begs Tane to lend him the $1500 TAFE course costs up front while claiming to be poor. Given Kahu’s reputation for being fickle, Tane is suspicious of his motivations and questions whether he has been played like a fool.

Tane agrees to give Kahu the money after Felicity convinces her husband to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Mac receives devastating news

Living together at the farm is fun for Mali and Mackenzie. The two are finding comfort in their shared living situation because neither of their family live close to Summer Bay.

After the successful Mantaray Boards launch, Mali is ecstatic, and Mac is there to support him.

As soon as Mali learns that her ex-boyfriend Gabe has succumbed to cancer, it will be her turn to stand by Mac.

Xander collapses

Xander remains adamant he wants to turn his back on being a paramedic and makes it official by handing in his resignation.

Later, Xander pushes through the pain of his surgical stitches as he takes his first surf since the attack. Bree and Rose are worried it’s too soon for him to be riding the waves, but Xander won’t listen as he’s happy to finally feel free.

However, Xander ends up paying the price for his premature


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