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Home and Away releases first teaser spoilers for Australian returns

The first teasers for Home and Away’s Australian return week have been revealed. The show returns to Australia on Monday, January 8 at 7 p.m.

Less than six weeks have passed since the harrowing scenes of the 2023 finale, in which Remi (Adam Rowland) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) had their lives put in jeopardy following a motorbike accident.

With her boyfriend Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), Eden had gone camping; actually, she had gone along with him since he was in dire need of time away from Summer Bay.

Eden failed to acclimatise to life in the vast outdoors and was dismayed to learn that they would be sleeping in a tent in the bush rather than in a posh hotel, even though he had gatecrashed his trip.

She did start to have fun at first, but that all changed when Cash found a tick in her neck.

He promptly took it out, but Eden was sorely missing the creature comforts of the bay after the ordeal. She contacted Remi, pleading with him to come save her; sadly, Cash overheard her call.

After learning that Bree (Juliet Godwin) may spend months away instead of the weeks he had planned, Remi, who had just told Bree that he wouldn’t be travelling with her, got on his bike and rode over to save his best friend.

Unfortunately, as they were driving in the opposite direction, two then-unknown individuals named Wes (Josh McConville) and Mickey (Travis Jeffery) were becoming sidetracked.

It was too late for Remi and the driver of the car to see each other, and the two crashed, sending Remi hurtling into the air.

Upon stepping out of their vehicle, the two guys discovered Remi was unresponsive and assumed his death. Mickey begged his companion to get an ambulance, but Wes maintained that the body had to be buried somewhere that would remain hidden for all time.

The next thing we witnessed was the couple preparing to bury Remi by excavating a pit in the jungle after they had started dragging his comatose body into their car.

Eden awoke in the middle of the night in response to a cry from the natural world. She stumbled upon the scene of the two guys excavating a hole as she emerged from her tent.

She discovered a hand covering her face before she could get aid, and before she knew it, she was also being thrown into the back of the men’s automobile.

The season concluded with a gagged Eden turning to discover Remi’s lifeless body beside her. A 2024 trailer saw her being held captive at the men’s house while Cash and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) made a valiant effort to locate her.

In order to offer us our first indications as to what will happen next, Home and Away has now issued the first teaser synopses for the new year, which span the week of Monday, January 8, through Thursday, January 11.

There will only be four episodes in the 2024 premiere week of Home and Away because there won’t be a triple episode on Thursday.

Monday 8th January (8176)
Cash sounds the alarm that Eden is missing.

Two lives hang in the balance.

Bree’s personal and professional lives collide.

Tuesday 9th January (8177)
Can Cash get to Eden in time?

Bree and Levi clash.

Wednesday 10th January (8178)
Xander is forced to ask Levi for help.

Mackenzie is too scared to leave hospital.

Thursday 11th January (8179)
Justin pines for Leah. Levi honours Mackenzie.

Tane and Felicity navigate their new normal.

The second episode’s synopses suggest that Cash will find out that Eden is alive, even if nothing has been confirmed, since he is racing to get to her “in time.”

Does this imply that Bree will be operating on her boyfriend Remi and that he wasn’t quite as dead as he appeared in the 2023 finale, given the collision of her personal and professional life in the first episode back?

Since Mackenzie (Emily Weir) is afraid to leave the hospital due to a health setback, the drama surrounding her is also expected to continue.

Mac had been diagnosed with spontaneous coronary artery dissection (SCAD) and was experiencing a heart attack when we last checked in with him late last year. She rapidly became restless in her hospital bed and checked herself out early, despite the best efforts of her new cardiothoracic surgeon, Tristan Gorey’s Levi Fowler, to persuade her to stay.

Unsurprisingly, this didn’t work out, and after being discovered unconscious at the farmhouse in the last week of the programme, she was sent back to the hospital. Even though it wasn’t a second heart attack, Mac is nonetheless very shaken by the incident.

Will Levi be able to help her get over her worries and resume her usual life?

The newest character in Home and Away is Dr. Levi Fowler.

In the first week of 2024, the story of Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity’s broken relationship also continues, as they learn to live with their new normal.

Despite their agreement to try for a child, Tane found out towards the end of last year that Flick was still using her birth control pills, which led to their breakup.

Although Felicity had never desired children, she finally gave in and told Tane that she was prepared for them to begin a family after realising how much grief her choice was giving him.

She kept taking her medication, and although she told Mackenzie that it would only last temporarily while she psychologically readied herself for motherhood, Tane soon discovered her lies, so we probably won’t find out what her long-term strategy is.

He quickly ended his relationship with his wife, and the two haven’t been together since.

Felicity had new hope after watching the couple’s heartfelt moment at the hospital in the last episodes, but Tane clarified that even if he still loved her, it didn’t mean they could be together.

They’ll start figuring out their post-marriage future in the little seaside community of Summer Bay in the coming year.

Is this indeed Tane and Felicity’s last moment?

Home and Away returns to Australian screens on Monday 8th January at 7pm on 7 and 7Plus.


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