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Home and Away reveals life-threatening attack story in 11 spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images showcasing what will be on UK television in the week beginning May 22.

Xander is admitted to the hospital on May 22.
He was attacked by criminals while working as a paramedic because they were trying to take drugs from the ambulance.

May 22 Monday: Rose is devastated.
Her sibling is not doing well.

Monday, May 22: Xander’s health begins to decline.
Bree assumes command of the circumstance.

May 22: On Monday, Rose feels helpless.
When Xander stops speaking, Bree transports him to radiology.

Monday, May 22, updates on Bree Rose Rose is still concerned.

Monday, May 22: Bree is closely monitoring Xander’s situation.
She’s resolved to lend her friends all the assistance she can.

May 22nd, Monday: Rose wails in pain.
She promises to seek Xander’s justice.

Monday, May 22: The tragedy has been compounded in every way.
Jamie, Xander’s paramedic coworker, passed away at the scene of the assault.

Tuesday, May 23: The hospital has experienced yet another ominous development.
A patient who may have overdosed on drugs is brought in.

Tuesday, May 23: Bree wonders if the attack on the ambulance could have something to do with the source of the drugs.

Tuesday, May 23: Bree sustains a wound.
After experiencing trauma at the hospital, Xander lost control and unintentionally kicked Bree. Remi concerns about Bree since she thinks that this would interfere with her ability to recuperate from her recent abortion and her nightmare with Jacob.


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