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Home and Away 2024 Spoilers – New Felicity and Tane scandal begins

Home and Away returns to the UK on New Year’s Day (Friday, December 29 on 5STAR), and at that time, Felicity lies to Tane about wanting kids, and Irene and Harper spend the night in jail after being arrested.

In full view of all the patrons in the Pier Diner, Rose (Kirsty Marillier) had just arrested Irene (Lynne McGranger) for impeding a police investigation when the show aired its UK season finale back in November.

Ever since she found out that she would be charged for aiding Dana (Ally Harris) in her escape from corrupt police officer Will Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky), Irene had been living in constant worry.

Even after Dana was cleared of all charges, Irene still had to worry that the police might try to make an example of her, even though she only found out that Dana was hiding out in her home for a few hours after new lodger Harper (Jessica Redmayne) snuck her sister into her room just before Irene left for a few weeks.

When the action picks up in the new year, John (Shane Withington) is frantically trying to find Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), but he’s been called into an anti-corruption meeting in the city. Meanwhile, Irene is marched down to Yabbie Creek police station for questioning. Rose had angered Irene not only by detaining her in front of everyone at work, but also by having previously assured her that everything would be alright. All Rose can say is that she’s sorry and that things have changed.

Harper discovers that she isn’t getting off lightly when she is also detained in front of Dana on the beach. Dana yells at Rose when they get to the police station, telling her that she knows this is wrong, but Harper begs her to calm down or else she’ll be thrown out. Dana also notices that Irene is there.

John sharply criticises Harper and Dana for the situation they’ve put Irene in as she enters the interview room. Rose questions Irene in the meantime about why, upon realising Dana was present, she didn’t contact the police. Nevertheless, Irene tells her without remorse that she accepted Dana’s account.

“Come on, Rose—you know me,” Irene urges her, looking irate. “Do you really believe that I wouldn’t have broken the law if I hadn’t had a really good reason?”

Harper is next, and Dana apologises to Irene as she answers Rose’s questions in the interview room. She enters this with eyes wide open, Irene assures her, and she has no regrets whatsoever.

Later, mug photographs and fingerprints are taken of Irene and Harper, but Rose has to break some terrible news to the magistrate when she gets in touch with her. The sergeant has refused to grant the two bail, so they will have to spend the night in the cells and won’t be seen until the morning!

Cash eventually makes his way back, and John meets up with him before they both return to the station. However, Cash encounters resistance from his peers; after his meeting in the city, he was formally suspended for three months from the force.

Cash concurs that Irene doesn’t think it’s a coincidence because the police attacked her and Harper right after Cash moved aside. He’s not even sure he wants to be a part of the force anymore because something about this stinks, and if this is where it’s going.

at another scene at Summer Bay, Tane (Ethan Browne) is ecstatic that his wife Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) has decided to become a father to him. Tane had been hoping that Flick would change her mind about having children someday, just as she finally changed her mind about getting married, even though Flick had made it obvious early in their relationship that she didn’t want any.

Flick could tell that Tane was having difficulty processing his disappointment when she informed him that her stance remained the same.

In the UK’s 2023 finale week, Flick advised that they should definitely try for a child, despite his insistence to the contrary. Flick was concerned that Tane’s refusal to acknowledge his actual feelings might ultimately prove a deal-breaker in their marriage.

If we’re being really honest, Tane will only be thinking about one thing (procreation) next week. Tane is talking about converting Nikau’s former room into a nursery as soon as he gets home from his workout. Flick quickly clarifies that he must exercise patience as she has recently stopped taking the medication.

After a little break, in which Cash returns home to see his sister in the front room wearing only her robe, Tane still feels the need to go for Round 2.

After dragging themselves to Salt, the two announce to Cash that they are now trying for a child, and Cash is excited for them. He does question the abrupt change in direction, though.

After his pep talk, Flick tries to give Cash the credit, but he’s still a little sceptic. Flick simply urges him to be pleased for them, seeing that Cash has touched a nerve.

However, it soon becomes apparent that Flick is lying to Tane. After he leaves, Flick enters Salt’s backroom, where she has her pillbox of contraceptives stashed away. and then takes one!

How much longer can Flick maintain her act?


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