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Home and Away spoiler: Zara tries to win Mali back

Rose is caught by Xander talking to Zara, who presents herself to him as Mali’s “promised wife.” Rose determines she must stop by to get the whole story.

Zara is pleased with Mali’s development as a mature person since they started dating. She finally admits what really drives her: Mali promised to wait for her when they broke up, and now she’s prepared.

Zara makes it apparent that Rose and Mali were each other’s first loves when Rose shows up carrying pizzas. Mali quickly dismisses that as being in the past. A bewildering state of affairs results in Rose’s overnight departure. Zara stays up late attempting to persuade Mali of their possibilities together. Can you image the reactions of their family if the couple was reunited as the promised couple?

Remi confides in Bree about his genuine views about his current job as a session musician in the meanwhile. It all begins with a formal, amorous date. Even in a laid-back setting, Remi readily acknowledges that he’s not the greatest companion. All he can think about is that he will be spending a lot of late nights in the studio this week.

In the middle of the night, Bree wakes Remi. He tells her that he’s willing to visit someone if, after these next two weeks, his mental health hasn’t improved. Bree is on board with the strategy and will be by his side if he’s amenable to the company.

In another scene, Justin can’t wait to start their opulent hotel vacation that he and Leah won. Leah is difficult to persuade since she needs Marilyn’s closeness to help her get through her conflict with Roo. Marilyn convinces them that there is nothing to be concerned about and they leave.

Marilyn confronts Roo after that because she is tired of lying to Alf and acting like everything is fine, but Roo isn’t eager to make amends. In Roo’s opinion, it would be best if she could locate a nurse to take Marilyn’s place as quickly as possible.



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