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Home and Away Spoilers – Chloe’s manipulation fractures the Paratas

Chloe’s manipulation continues to cause fissures in the Parata house next week on Home and Away in the UK, while Tane and Felicity’s future is in jeopardy….

Since the death of her father Matthew (James Sweeny), whom she mistakenly killed in the Paratas’ garden during a heated dispute with Mia (Anna Samson), Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) has been on a downward spiral.

Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) claimed responsibility for Chloe, and he was awaiting sentencing in a remand center when he was brought to the hospital with an aggressive form of cancer. Ari married Mia in a bedside ceremony with no possibility of surviving before passing away shortly after.

When Bella (Courtney Miller) saw Chloe crying in the park, she was the first person outside the family to figure out what had happened to Matthew.

Despite the fact that the two had never been friends, they found common ground when it came to their fathers. Mia implored Bella to be there for Chloe and help her come to grips with what had happened because she couldn’t open up to her mother.

Bella has been doing just that in the week since Ari’s burial, but it was evident that Chloe was becoming overly reliant on her new bestie.

Bella revealed to Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) that Chloe’s continual presence was getting to her, and the two heaved a sigh of relief when they persuaded Chloe to return to the diner. Chloe had expected Bella and Nik to hang out with her during the shift, so she was disappointed when they instead went off to spend some time alone together. She spent the remainder of the day feeling increasingly upset at being separated from Bella.

It became too much for Chloe at some point. She rushed back home to locate Bella after telling Irene (Lynne McGranger) that she wasn’t ready to return to the diner after all, only to have an enraged Nik close his bedroom door in her face.

The next day, Chloe made a sob story about not being ready to return to work, making Nik and Bella feel awful for persuading her to do so. When Chloe shut herself in the toilet and pretended to cry, she overheard Bella admitting that they’d messed up, and Nik went to talk to Bella. Chloe grinned, relieved that her ruse had worked and she had Bella to herself…

Chloe’s plotting will continue next week. After Nikau informs Tane of his concerns about Chloe’s behavior, she tries to blame Nik for it.

Tane tells Chloe that Nik is the one who is having trouble coping with Ari’s death. She claims he’s using her to distract him from his own problems, and that he’s envious of the time she and Bella have spent together. Chloe even claims to have seen Nik sporting one of Ari’s t-shirts.

Tane is divided between who to trust when he approaches Nik afterwards, who denies everything.

When Nik asks Chloe why she lied, her dishonesty develops even more. Tane must have misinterpreted her because of all the stress he’s been under, according to Chloe!

Chloe interrupts Nik and Bella’s romantic dinner at the farmhouse that night, claiming Tane kicked her out so he could talk to Felicity (Jacqui Purvis). Bella invites Chloe to join them, but Nik is apprehensive since he knows what Chloe is planning.

When Nik discovers that Chloe has lied about the cause for her visit due to a text from Tane, he confronts her. Bella insists on staying as Chloe begins to stage another spectacle. Bella and Chloe have a movie marathon while Nik goes to bed alone after Nik and Bella’s planned evening in turns into a movie marathon for Bella and Chloe.

Chloe’s obsession with Bella becomes even clearer the next morning when she takes a photo of her sleeping on the sofa.

When Nik walks in on Chloe tucking Bella in, he is perplexed, and the three of them later go to Salt for breakfast with Tane and Mia. Tane pulls Bella to one side and tells her he’s worried about Nik before they go in.

Up at Salt, Nik and Chloe are tense as they discuss their plans for the day, but when Tane and Bella confront him about how he’s been acting, he realizes the game Chloe has been playing.

They’ve all been whispering behind his back, and now his family believes he’s the one who’s causing the trouble!

As Chloe continues to express her ‘concern’ about Nik, he storms out of Salt.

When Tane tells Nik that he can’t keep blaming Chloe, Nik begins to doubt himself—surely he’s not imagining things?


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