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Home and Away’s Jacqui Purvis reveals which co-star she’s moved in with

Although the characters on Home and Away have tumultuous relationships at times, it appears like things are lot more peaceful behind the scenes.

Jacqui Purvis, who plays Felicity Newman in the drama, only joined the cast this year, but she has already built such strong bonds with her co-stars that she has moved in with one of them.

Jacqui revealed that she is now roommates with fellow Bay newbie Matt Evans, who portrays Theo Poulos, in an interview with TV Week with her on-screen brother Nicholas Cartwright, who plays police officer Cash Newman.

“Being roommates with Matt Evans is a fun,” she remarked. “He is one of my all-time favourite individuals on the planet.”

Jacqui threw Matt a birthday party replete with cards, presents, and balloons during the summer, and the roommates have already shared some touching Instagram images remembering their relationship.

Jacqui has become great friends with Nicholas and Ethan Browne, who portrays Felicity’s love interest Tane Parata, and she recently told TV Week how much she enjoys portraying her feisty character.

“It’s been nonstop and really hard in the greatest possible manner. Every day [on set] has been a blast for me “she stated “I enjoy the fact that my character has no filter and expresses exactly what she feels, generally without apology.”


Since landing in Summer Bay, Felicity has had a difficult time, having been accused of following Tane before being kidnapped by the genuine stalker. She’s also had to deal with her and Cash’s differing perspectives on how their father died – a storyline that will run until 2022.

“Times are changing… it’s thrilling,” she stated of Felicity’s next chapter. “But who knows about buried family secrets. Everything might change!”


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