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Home and Away’s Felicity Newman accused of attempted murder in 25 new spoiler pictures

Your complete gallery of images revealing what’s coming up on UK TVs starting Monday, January 10.

Monday, January 10:

Felicity is apprehensive. Federal investigators are looking into the latest chemical assault in Salt, and she appears to be the main suspect.

Felicity is terrified in her caravan. Detective Nasser, who is in charge of the inquiry, has requested a statement from her.

Jasmine pays a visit to Felicity. She attempts to express her support for Cash’s sister, who has insisted on her innocence on several occasions.

Felicity is quizzed by Jasmine. After an incriminating receipt was discovered in her trailer, she tries to get Felicity to consider who could be framing her for the crime. Felicity is at a loss about who to call.

Cash pays another visit to Felicity. He’s been holding on to the damning receipt, hesitating whether or not to show it to his superiors.

Felicity gets some exciting news from Cash. He has quietly gone through the receipt and double-checked it.

Felicity is warned by Cash that his checks do not establish her innocence. Felicity sobs, knowing that this isn’t going to end well.

Cash makes an unexpected move. He makes the decision to burn the receipt.

Felicity is taken aback. She never anticipated Cash to put her needs ahead of his responsibilities as a cop.

Felicity is concerned about the repercussions. It’s possible that this will come back to bite Cash in the future.

Felicity is consoled by Cash. He hopes he’s done everything he can to keep her out of danger.

Felicity is grateful for Cash’s help. Will this, however, be the end of the storey?

Tuesday, January 11:

Martha remains in the hospital. Her family is happy that she is no longer unconscious.

Alf and Roo are attempting to be optimistic. Martha is being closely monitored by the physicians.

The family is having an emotional outburst. Martha’s condition was precarious in the aftermath of the chemical assault, so her loved ones are relieved to see her improving.

Roo remains by her mother’s side. The Stewart family has had a terrible few days.

Martha embraces everyone’s support . They’re all waiting for the experts to give them further information.

Logan has arrived. He has some exciting news to share with you.

Logan keeps Martha up to date. Her lungs are good, but her kidneys are deteriorating, according to him.

Martha will have to be relocated, Logan explains. Martha will be sent to a city-based renal centre for emergency dialysis.

Thursday, January 13:

Ryder is having a hard time. He’s trying to resurrect his firm, which is all the more difficult now that he and Chloe are no longer together.

Ryder makes a blunder. In an internet banking blunder, he unintentionally sends too much to suppliers when processing payments.

Ryder is reassured by Leah. She reminds out that his problems are all fixable, but Ryder is worried about Chloe’s reaction to his blunder.

Friday, January 14:

Felicity is the object of a smear campaign. Her caravan has been sprayed with the words “poison Felicity.”

Felicity is irritated. After making a defamatory post about Felicity on his social media page, Nikau is partly to blame for the incident.


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