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Home and Away’s Emily Weir life with family and romances away from Mackenzie Booth role

Emily Weir is best known for her role on the iconic soap opera Home and Away as Mackenzie Booth.

Her character is about to take significant risks in order to salvage her restaurant, which has amassed massive debts.

In real life, though, the actress spends time with her close family.

How old is Emily?

Emily is estimated to be roughly 30 years old, having been born around 1991.

Her mother Christine, brother Tom, and his daughter are all very close to her. The family spends a lot of time together and enjoys days at the beach and eating out.

On her mother’s birthday, the soap star wrote a loving greeting to her, saying that she is the funniest and most beautiful person she knows, and that the laughs they share are her “number one” joy in life.

In Home and Away, who does Emily play?

On June 13, 2019, Emily made her first appearance on the show. She was spotted filming for the serial by paparazzi, and it was known she would appear on it long before she made her broadcast debut.


She learned about the big job while auditioning for another production, and she remembers screaming and racing around “like a crazed lady.”

Emily described her experience on Home and Away as a “dream come true” and a “overwhelming sense.”

Her character is a successful businesswoman who recently acquired the restaurant Salt. It was revealed shortly after her arrival in the bay that she was Dean Thompson’s half-sister.

They have a father in common, although neither of them is especially close to him after he had an affair with Dean’s mother, which resulted in his creation.

Her character Mackenzie, on the other hand, is about to hit a rough patch as she tries to keep her firm viable.

Felicity, a waitress, will make a daring move by starting an underground poker night to recuperate the costs of the recent gas attack.

Is Emily dating anyone?

Emily has remained tight-lipped about any real-life romances, but she has spoken openly about her prior relationships.

The Australian actress revealed that while residing in Europe, she began seeing someone. They’d met on a Contiki tour and planned to visit various bars in Prague.

Her birthday was once surprised with a trip to China by another of her partners. The pair spent ten days in China, visiting sites such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.


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