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Home and Away: Rose struggles to help Xander in his grief

Xander is struggling with survivor’s guilt….

Police officer Rose is devoted to resolving every case when a crime is committed. She is unable to assist when it concerns her own brother though.
In Home And Away, paramedic Xander (Luke Van Os) is making a slow recovery from being brutally ambushed with his companion while on duty.

Even though Xander’s physical wounds are starting to heal, he is mentally broken.
When he finds out that his friend Jamie (Hugo Liu) was killed, he feels bad about being living.
Luke explains, “It’s survivor’s guilt, and it eats him up inside.”

While Rose (Kirsty Marillier) put all of her effort into finding the attackers—which she did—boyfriend Mali (Kyle Schilling) was disappointed that she didn’t first stick up for her brother.

A shocking breakup resulted from their fight.
Rose checks on Xander’s development at the hospital and notes Jamie’s funeral. She is shocked when Xander persists on going.
Luke explains, “Xander feels the loss of Jamie deeply, as well as the anguish for Jamie’s family… he wants to do everything possible to help them grieve.”
But in doing so, he also exhibits some recklessness.

Dr. Bree Cameron (Juliet Godwin), who is in the hallway, informs Rose to her worries. In his state—grieving and agitated—Xander shouldn’t be allowed to leave the hospital.

Rose is concerned about Xander’s reckless behavior, particularly given that he is in need of healing, Luke explains.
They have a few fights because of her worry about him.
Has she already lost her connection with Xander, and is he doing the same?
Dad, good-bye!’: Ava chooses to depart after a problematic stay.
Teenager Ava decides to abandon Summer Bay and go home because she has a court date coming up and the possibility of seeing her father go to jail is very real.
Since she came, Ava (Annabel Wolfe) has caused trouble and has her sights set on Theo. (Matt Evans). However, she overdid it and convinced her father, Justin (James Stewart), that she was being attacked, which drove him to attack an innocent man.
When her lie was revealed to be nothing more than a ploy to contact Theo, it was too late.

According to Annabel, “On the surface, it appeared as though she was fleeing from her heartbreak and Theo.”
”Yet at the core, I think it was a final, desperate plea for her father’s love.”
Leah (Ada Nicodemou) is unwavering in her belief that Justin cannot concentrate on his legal battle if he is still attempting to safeguard Ava. A guilty Ava refuses to leave the Bay.
Justin says a tearful farewell after realising that this might be his last chance to see her before being sent to prison.


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