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Home and Away’s Cash Newman makes a new enemy in Harper and Dana story

Next week, while he tries his hardest to support Harper and Dana Matheson, Cash Newman from Home and Away will have a new adversary on UK televisions.

After meeting with DS Madden, the investigator looking into Harper’s sister’s disappearance, Cash becomes sceptical.

Having been brutally set up for drug charges by her partner, Dana is currently evading the law. Harper, who is certain that her sibling is innocent, wants Cash to assist in clearing Dana’s name.

In the Channel 5 programmes airing next week, Cash begins to ask unpleasant questions regarding Dana’s case, and Madden pays him a visit at the Yabbie Creek police station to talk about it.

Cash highlights the numerous gaps in the case against Dana, but Madden allays his worries.

In a further reversal of roles, Madden queries Cash’s intense interest in an investigation to which he was not assigned.

When Madden is by himself, he calls an unidentified number and demands to know all that person knows about Cash.


When Cash visits Harper at Irene Roberts’ house later that day, he is shocked to learn that she is assisting Dana in hiding there.

Cash makes the point that through their careless behaviour, Harper and Dana have put him and Irene in danger. Cash demands to take Dana to the police station so she may face the music even though there is an outstanding warrant for her arrest.

Dana continues to insist on her innocence while they are in the car, and Cash comes to the realisation that she is telling the truth.

Cash decides to let Dana return to Irene’s house and pretend that he didn’t see her since he is concerned about Madden’s protective behaviour. But would Cash live to regret this decision, especially with a possibly deadly and dishonest coworker watching him?


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