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Home and Away Spoilers – Tane and Felicity talk leaving Summer Bay

As Felicity and Tane struggle in the wake of Flick’s attack, they decide that starting over is the best course of action in the upcoming episode of Home and Away in Australia.

Since being attacked during the Battle of the Bands competition at the beginning of June, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) has been experiencing a decline in her life.

She was drugged at the competition where Lyrik was vying for a $20,000 prise by an unseen attacker who had spiked her drink.

Worse, her attacker started blackmailing her right once, threatening to post a video of the attack online if she didn’t give him ever-larger payments.

Felicity was begged by Tane (Ethan Browne) to resist her attacker’s demands because he would only return and demand more. However, Flick borrowed the money from Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) behind his back after disclosing to him that she was experiencing financial difficulties.

When the assailant asked for $20,000, Flick realised she had erred. She set up a trap because she was tired of feeling like the victim and planned to put the money in a bin at Brookes Point, which is nearby, for the man to pick up.

She didn’t tell Tane anything as she left alone, leaving a bag that was really filled with flyers and scratch paper. When the attacker went to get the “money,” she managed to take the vital pictures that would prove his identification and help bring him to jail while hiding in her car.

James Dyke, or Jeremy as we know him now, was apprehended and located without delay. After entering a guilty plea, he was sentenced to a long period of imprisonment after the authorities discovered images and videos of multiple other victims. Furthermore, Flick was at last let free as a result of his guilty plea, which avoided the need for her to testify in court.

That was prior to Jeremy asking to meet her!

Felicity’s assailant desired to participate in a restorative justice initiative, which required the two to meet with a mediator in person. Tane left for Summer Bay, New Zealand, shortly after Flick received a call informing her that Gemma (Bree Peters) had been in an accident.

Flick kept Tane in the dark once more because she knew he would stay in the bay if she told him about Jeremy’s demand. She decided to meet Jeremy while he was abroad, a difficult decision she took because she thought it would help her remember the details of a night she could hardly remember.

The following week, when Tane got back to Summer Bay, he was shocked to hear that Flick had consented to meet her assailant and angry that she had withheld the information from him.

She subsequently clarified that she had to handle things on her own and that she was aware that he would attempt to stop her.

The two try to put their most recent disagreement behind them this week.

Tane has been thinking about his recent trip to New Zealand ever since he returned, according to TV Week. Because of Felicity’s recent experience and his longing to be with her whānau back home, he believes that moving across the Tazman could be the perfect solution for the two of them.

But he needs to tell Felicity first.

Felicity instantly assumes he wants to resume the discussion about having children when he tells her he has something important to talk about, and she’s not feeling ready for that. She runs off in terror, and when she comes back later, she hopes Tane has moved on from the incident, but he hasn’t.

Felicity is shocked to learn that his huge scheme actually involves moving to New Zealand—what about the life they have been creating in Summer Bay?

According to Ethan Brown, Tane realised how much he misses his hometown and how ideal it would be to move in with Felicity and start a family during his recent trip to New Zealand, as reported by TV Week. Flick, though, is hesitant.

Tane tells Felicity that he has been missing his country and home, and she reluctantly agrees to think about it.

Tane, though, has a well-thought-out plan in place and this isn’t just a crazy concept.

Tane tries to persuade Felicity by showing her pictures of the property he wants to purchase, a place they could call home. It’s ideal because it’s close to Tane’s family and falls within their budget.

Felicity is sold, the pictures do the trick, and they’re heading to New Zealand!

Is Tane and Felicity truly saying farewell with this?

Find out by reading on.




Fortunately, we can affirm that the couple’s stay in Summer Bay will not be ending.

Flick and Tane will be on television for a while because Jacqui Purvis and Ethan Browne have both been spotted filming in recent weeks. In fact, the two will be featured in this year’s season finale as they go to a major gathering that seems to include the majority of the bay.

Images from the final week of filming in July depict a formal gathering set up on the lawn next to the surf club, attended by Sean Withington, Emily Symons, James Stewart, Ray Meagher, Ethan Browne, Kyle Shilling, and Marilyn, Justin, Alf, Tane, Mali, and John, among other cast members.

Red is clearly the colour of choice for the occasion, as seen in photos shared by Emily Symons, which feature Marilyn wearing a red jacket, Justin sporting a red shirt with a flower in his lapel, Tane looking fierce in a crimson blazer, and even Alf wearing a red bow tie.

Later, Jacqui Purvis’s presence was verified by paparazzi images, as was that of Matt Evans (Theo) and Angelina Thompson (Kirby), who are scheduled to play together. This suggests that Lyrik’s former vocalist and songwriter will have moved past their differences by the end of the year.

Filming for the occasion included newcomer Jessica Redmayne (Harper), Luke Van Os (Xander), and Lynne McGranger (Irene).

Based on the time, it appears that episodes leading up to the season finale are being filmed; guests on the Home and Away Tour have reportedly been informed of this.

via X/Twitter’s Shane Withington

While many have assumed that the formal celebration would end in a wedding, neither Shane Withington nor the members of the tour have acknowledged this.


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