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Home and Away’s biggest death blunders – shooting tragedy to mysterious explosion

Home and Away is a popular soap that is recognised for its compelling plots, but it has also had its fair share of tragic and routine deaths over the years.

Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams), who died this week after battling cancer of the appendix and tumours in his belly, will be the next person to meet their creator in Summer Bay.

He died tragically shortly after marrying Mia in a hospital ward, while on remand from prison after confessing to a murder he didn’t commit.

The Daily Star Online looks at some of the other characters who have left viewers upset after their time on the soap ended in sad and mysterious circumstances.

Casey Braxton

Casey Braxton realised that Johnny Barrett is his father in 2014 and struggled to accept the news, which meant that his half-brother Kyle isn’t his biological half-brother and Josh is his paternal half-brother.

Jake Pirovic, who murdered Brax’s girlfriend Charlie Buckton, subsequently holds Josh prisoner.

Pirovic breaks free from prison and hires Andy to handle his drug dealings.

Casey attempts to save Josh, but is cruelly shot by Pirovic, who was aiming for Brax, and subsequently dies in Brax’s arms.

Kat Chapman

In 2018, Kat Chapman frees Ryan “Robbo” Shaw from prison after he confesses to abduction, with the intention of starting a new life with him after they develop a romance.

Kat, who is expecting Martin “Ash” Ashford’s child, fabricates bogus identification for herself and Robbo in order to get them to safety.

However, they get into a car accident and collide with Jasmine Delaney’s automobile as she comes in Summer Bay after leaving her abusive boyfriend.

Kat is brought to the hospital and dies on the operating table.

To rescue her baby, an emergency C-Section is performed, but the child tragically dies as well.

Billie Ashford

Billie Ashford, a gym employee, was raped by an intruder while closing up one night in February 2017, resulting in her pregnancy.

Billie eventually informs VJ that she is pregnant and that the child is his, but on the day of their wedding, she admits that the child is not his and that she was raped.

Billie later informs Phoebe that the man who raped her was Irene’s estranged son, Mick.

VJ then asks Billie if Mick is the rapist, to which she responds that he is not.

Billie and VJ give their baby the name Lucinda Leah, or Luc, after she is born.

After Billie starts coughing up blood at her blessing ceremony, doctors discover she has an incurable tumour and just has days to live.

Later, she requests that VJ take her and Lucinda to the beach, where she dies calmly in his arms in a devastating scene.

Oscar MacGuire and Hannah Wilson

Following their mother’s death, Oscar MacGuire and his twin sister Evelyn are persuaded by their father to join a commune at the Sanctuary Lodge.

However, the twins’ aunt Hannah suspects that something is wrong with the sanctuary and seeks assistance from their Uncle Zac.

Oscar, too, believes there is something wrong with the cult and is thrashed for not following the rules.

The twins are ‘kidnapped’ by Zac and taken to the safety of a hotel by the Braxton family.

Oscar and Hannah were slain in shocking footage aired in May 2016 after gas canisters were suddenly pushed into live wires, causing an explosion at a hospital benefit at the caravan site.

Belle Taylor

Belle Taylor travels to Summer Bay in search of her biological parents and discovers that her biological mother is actress Amanda Vale.

She strikes up a friendship with Aden Jefferies, and the two quickly become engaged.

Belle is cruelly informed that she has terminal cancer shortly after, but she chooses to keep her diagnosis hidden from Aden.

He eventually finds out and threatens to call off their wedding, but they decide to go forward with it.

Belle dies in her sleep after they come home from their honeymoon, leaving Aden and her son Ryan bereft.


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