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Home and Away’s Ada Nicodemou left ‘drained’ after filming emotionally taxing storyline on soap

Ada Nicodemou, star of Home and Away, has acknowledged that filming a recent dramatic plotline emotionally taxed her.

Ada is worn out and depleted despite the show’s captivating narratives this year, which included a near-death experience, captivating viewers.

Having portrayed Leah Patterson for more than 20 years since her on-screen debut in 2000, Nicodemou claimed that her most recent tales were the most difficult to portray.

She told TV Week on Monday, “It was a wonderful opportunity to sink my teeth into the story, but it was very draining.”

I was psychologically and physically spent by the end. Even though it was a difficult subject, I wanted to do it correctly.

Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou has admitted that filming a recent dramatic storyline took an emotional toll on her 

The show featured gripping narratives this year, including a life-threatening ordeal, and while they have captivated audiences, Ada has been left drained and exhausted 

Her co-star husband, James Stewart, 48, who himself is no stranger to the demands of the soap world, praised Nicodemou’s remarkable performance.

‘It amazes me that Ada has been doing this for a while and still finds performances like she does,’ he remarked.

Ada is currently in a relationship with long-time boyfriend Adam Rigby. 

She has previously gushed about their easy connection, telling New Idea that they met at a work function and he had no idea of her fame. 

‘It’s kind of cool though, right?’ she said. ‘I liked that he had no idea about the show,’ she said of Adam.

She has also praised his connection to son Johnas, saying that the pair ‘adore each other’ and that she’s been lucky to find a man so accepting of her child. 

The actress shares custody of Johnas with her ex-husband Chrys Xipolitas. 

The actress shares custody of Johnas (pictured) with her ex-husband Chrys Xipolitas


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