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Neighbours star Alan Fletcher teases “big mistake” in Karl Kennedy’s future

Alan Fletcher, who plays Dr Karl Kennedy in Neighbours, has teased what lies next for his character.

The actor has offered fans a sneak peek at what Karl will be up to next, and it doesn’t appear that his marriage to Susan (Jackie Woodburne) will be much easier.

“Susan has realised that Karl is a profoundly, deeply imperfect guy,” Fletcher said in an interview with Studio 10. “She just has to accept his defects and learn to love them.”

“Although this is a bit of a spoiler alert in a sense,” the actor continued, “Karl is about to make another big, big, major mistake.”

“It’s also not an affair.”

Since 1994, Fletcher has played the GP on the soap, albeit he had previously been cast in a lesser, separate character for a three-week spell.

The actor also addressed the soap’s uncertain future, following Channel 5’s announcement that it would no longer air on its network starting in August.


“It’s a little bit up and down,” Fletcher explained.

“You kind of anticipate stuff like this to happen. As an actor, you have to steel yourself because you’re on a one-year contract and you’re thinking to yourself, “Ok, the show might stop at any point for me,” “He went on to say that a hypothetical cancellation would jeopardise the jobs of many people, not just his.

He said, “I think of the hundreds of people who will no longer be working.”

“Most importantly, the viewers, since Neighbours isn’t like Squid Game, where you watch one season and think to yourself, “Oh, they should do another season.” Neighbours is a part of many people’s life, and I’m sad that it’s coming to an end.”


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