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Home and Away spoilers: Andrew kidnap twist, Leah horror discovery and Marilyn bombshell

The tension on Home and Away will intensify as more information about Andrew’s history comes to light.

The teen is called in for an interview when Justin and Cash learn that Andrew was reported missing when he was just four years old.

But Andrew snaps under the added pressure of being interrogated in a police station, blaming his father’s strict standards for the trigger to erase memories of his past.

After Justin gives Leah an update on Andrew’s history, her soothing influence on him and further beach time enable them to elicit more recollections from Andrew.

Andrew, however, again cuts them off by complaining that Cash asks too many questions and Justin’s desire for clarification.

Later, Justin learns the shocking information that Andrew’s old kidnappers are a legendary doomsday-prepper sect by the name of “Vita Nova.”

Justin and Leah read cult-related publications in an effort to do some research and discover the atrocities Andrew had to endure.


As Marilyn, Alf, and Kirby continue to look for additional victims willing to speak up about Stunning Organics, Roo teams up with them.

They discover that none of the victims they connect with are willing to talk on the record.

When Marilyn, Roo, and Alf learn the name of a former parent business, they start to question if this is the proof they have been looking for but have been unable to find.

They work through the night, drafting an email that details every illegal act that Stunning Organics committed and outlines their requests that Marilyn be released from her contract.

Marilyn becomes concerned after a few days if she hasn’t heard from the dishonest company.

But to her total amazement, she gets an email reply that accepts her demands and says she only needs to send back the goods boxes.

Remi is shocked that Eden wants to reject Cash’s offer to utilise his inheritance part to pay for a studio recording in another scene.

Remi tries every trick in the book to get Eden to reconsider accepting the handout, but Eden is adamantly opposed.

But when Eden declines the loan, Cash takes it more personally than he should and interprets it as her doubting their future as a couple.

Eden shows up at the police determined to give a justification, but Cash pushes her away and decides to help Justin with Andrew’s case instead.

Cash believes that his offer is still valid after hearing Justin’s point of view, but he respects whatever choice Eden makes.

Remi devises a “battle of the bands” tournament after needing a fresh idea to raise money for a Lyrik recording studio recording.

He decides to postpone the tour in order to put the band competition first, saving himself the necessary time away from Bree.

Bree confronts Remi about rearranging his life for her and cancelling Lyrik’s tour.

Theo is distracted from spending time with Kirby across the Bay by his determination to assist Andrew.

Kirby becomes angry when he claims she helped Marilyn for an excessive amount of time.

However, their issues are put on hold when they learn Remi has cancelled the tour, which causes a significant divide, made worse by Theo’s natural tendency to support Remi.

Tane, meantime, looks everywhere for the company created for which he gave Kahu the money loan but is unsuccessful.

The newcomer pledges to obtain the documentation for his registered business but fails to do so once again and eventually admits the truth.

He admits to Tane that his pursuit of his childhood aspirations had put him in a spiral of debt, forcing him to borrow money from others in order to pay off his obligations.


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