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Home and Away star Nicholas Cartwright calls for new Cash friendships after rescue plot

Nicholas Cartwright, who plays Cash Newman on Home and Away, has stated that he would want to see tighter ties grow between his character and the Parata family.

As their respective siblings Felicity and Tane have gone missing, Cash teams up with Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) in this week’s episodes on Channel 5.

After being revealed as Tane’s stalker, Anne Sherman has been holding Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) hostage in an abandoned shack. Tane (Ethan Browne) is also lured to the secluded area, laying the stage for a terrible murder plot.

When Cash and Ari realise something is wrong, they work together to locate Felicity and Tane before rushing to their aid.

“Cash has been in panic mode since Flick vanished,” Nicholas stated to Digital Spy about the plot. He has no means of knowing whether she is guilty or innocent, and he has no way of knowing.

“Since it’s just the two of them for a while, he’s always on the lookout for her and feels obligated to keep her safe.”

“Filming the rescue scenes was a lot of fun and quite dramatic. We always enjoy shooting in new locations, and we had Megan Smart in the character of Anne, and she was fantastic.

“We all had a great time – and who doesn’t enjoy a good high-stakes rescue scene with the clock ticking and the stakes high?”

“I appreciate that Cash and Ari team up,” Nicholas said when asked about the odd alliance between Cash and Ari. It’s an odd couple, to be sure, but both men are driven by family, so they have something in common.

“I’d like to see Cash and the Paratas collaborate more closely. They have a lot of similar values and are more alike than they realise.”

Nicholas also foreshadowed difficult times for the Newman siblings, following Cash’s recent doubts about Felicity’s innocence in the Tane stalker case.

“Trust is very simple to lose, and Cash has utterly lost Flick’s trust,” he said. It will take a lot of effort to reclaim it.”


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