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Home and Away’s 2022 premiere date has been announced, and it’s just around the corner

The year is about to get started!

“Set your alarms! ⏰” says Home and Away, which has now confirmed its official premiere date for 2022.

The news was first revealed on the soap’s Instagram account, which posted a cryptic message describing the approaching premiere.

The “Home and Away Countdown Clock,” which crossed time from week to second, was named by Seven as the “Home and Away Countdown Clock.”

At the time of posting, it said “1 week, 7 days, 168 hours, 10,080 minutes, and 604,800 seconds.”

The exciting program’s announcement was captioned, “#HomeandAway will be back on our televisions in exactly 604,800 seconds! 📺 ☀️ 🌊”

The cryptic message refers to the 31st of January.

Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) filmed a video challenge depicting Ryder being buried alive in a coffin in last year’s season finale.
They wanted to make money by streaming the prank live for five hours from a remote location in the jungle.

When Theo chooses to leave the site to eat lunch, he tripped over and falls down a ravine, knocking him down.

The opening episode of the new season of Home and Away will focus on the ramifications of Ryder being stuck below with his oxygen supply running out.

When Ryder checks his feed, he realises he only has 19 minutes of oxygen left.

Theo wakes up, but his luck isn’t on his side because his leg is trapped beneath barbed wire and his phone is out of reach.

Meanwhile, Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) and Justin Morgan (James Stewart) ask each other if they’ve seen the boys, and as the hours pass with no sign of them, they become anxious.

To no avail, Justin approaches Roo Stewart (Georgie Parker) and asks her if she knows where they are.

Fortunately, he stumbles across a friend’s live feed of the burial challenge, and Roo recognises the location where they buried the coffin.

However, Ryder passes unconscious while they’re trying to figure out where they are, and everything depends on Roo and Justin getting to him in time.


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