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10 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

Following their ordeal with Anne, Tane and Felicity will have to make decisions about their future on Home and Away next week.

Mia has an unexpected guest, and Marilyn has a terrible reaction to Logan’s care for her.

Here’s a complete list of ten major events coming ahead.

1. Jasmine is looking for answers from Cash

After a difficult encounter with Detective Nasser during the peak of the organophosphates probe, Jasmine is concerned. Nasser informed her of a time when Cash went missing for months due to an incident with Felicity.

When Jasmine presses Cash for further information about this and the secret he’s keeping, he refuses, claiming that it isn’t his storey to tell.

2. Tane turns down Felicity

After their terrifying adventure with Anne, Felicity seeks solace from Tane. Tane is shocked by how well they’re getting along, and she wants to spend as much time with him as possible. Cash, on the other hand, tries to tell them that getting together is not a smart idea.

When Felicity tries to kiss Tane and he gently rejects her, she flees in embarrassment. Tane pursues Felicity and wins her back, stating that he only wants to be friends with her while they recuperate from their kidnapping.

3. Jasmine is Felicity’s confidante

Felicity reveals how she previously had a mental breakdown and Cash stopped everything to support her, while Jasmine is still intrigued about the Newman siblings’ past. She remembers being in a state of despair and Cash being the only person who could help her get through it.

Although Felicity expresses her gratitude for Cash’s support at the time, she also expresses her disappointment that he doubted her more recently over the stalker problem.

4. Nikau is praised for his efforts

By abruptly terminating his surf lifesaving training, Nikau has left John perplexed. Ari and Tane, who had no idea Nikau had signed up, tell John that his unexpected decision is a tragedy because he had so much potential.

Nikau subsequently tells Ari that he dropped out of the programme because he couldn’t keep up with the theory. Nikau relents and agrees to give things another shot after Ari’s warm support.

5. Mia keeps Ari in the dark about something

When Mia learns that Chloe’s father Matthew has arrived in the Bay, she is disturbed. Rather than confiding in Ari about what’s going on, she resolves to handle things on her own.

Despite Mia’s warnings and refusal to give him any information about their daughter, Matthew manages to track down Chloe and obtain her contact information by pretending to be interested in her food business.

6. Mia’s terrible past is revealed

Mia reminds Matthew that she didn’t give her approval on the night Chloe was born, and that the truth now could jeopardise his future as a barrister.

Mia is hoping that this will be enough to scare Matthew away, but he appears to have other plans.

7. Marilyn lodges a complaint against Logan

Marilyn leaves the Diner and opens a tarot card stand nearby, where she charges residents for readings. Logan agrees to have a reading after being encouraged by Irene, and uses the opportunity to observe Marilyn’s behaviour.

When Marilyn realises Logan has duped her, she is enraged. She retaliates by filing a legal complaint against him for failing to stop her recent collapse. Although it is clear that Marilyn is acting abnormally, there is a genuine concern that she would jeopardise Logan’s job.

8. Justin has a surprise houseguest

Marilyn pays a visit to Leah and spends the entire night with her. Marilyn is relieved when Leah appears to be sincerely listening to her after falling out with everyone else.

The next day, Justin’s patience with Marilyn’s persistent presence at the house begins to wear thin. Things worsen when Leah is unexpectedly summoned away to Cyprus, and Marilyn chooses to move in with her.

9. Bella loses her job

Mac loses patience with Bella working at Salt because the new hire makes so many mistakes. Dean offers to deliver the bad news that Bella is being fired, feeling he has the magic method after sacking Ziggy and seeing how well she handled it.

Dean is shocked when Bella behaves in a way that contradicts his expectations, falling into tears. Bella subsequently clarifies that she doesn’t feel like she belongs anyplace, and that this last setback was the last thing she needed.

10. Dean has his own set of challenges

Dean feels inspired by Bella’s pep talk and Justin’s words of support. It’s time for him to go back on his surfboard, he decides.

Dean takes a cautious approach by testing at home, but when he tries to stand up on his board, he crashes to the floor and is left in excruciating pain once more.


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