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Home and Away star Jacqui Purvis reveals previous Summer Bay role she missed out on

Jacqui Purvis, a newbie to Home and Away, has made a mark in Summer Bay as Felicity Newman, but she originally auditioned for a different part.

Jacqui has confessed that she had wanted to make her Home and Away debut as Mackenzie Booth as the drama surrounding Felicity and Tane Parata’s stalking plot continues to unravel.

Instead, Emily Weir was chosen to take over as Salt’s new owner, but Jacqui is pleased with how things turned out.

Jacqui, who has previously been in Neighbours, told New Zealand site Stuff that she’s “very glad” she got the role of Flick instead of Mackenzie.

“As a character, Flick is just a dream come true,” she remarked. “She’s a lot of fun.”

“I get to shift from vulnerable and sensitive with my family difficulties and mental health to the fun side, which is that she is a tiny pocket rocket who has no filter,” she said of Felicity’s character’s breadth.

“It’s a big blessing, and I’m simply thankful to be able to play it.”


In terms of how Felicity’s life tragedy would influence her in the future, Jacqui intimated that she’ll be struggling for the “long, long haul.”

“Various people grieve in different ways, and some people move on more quickly than others. It’ll always be a fight for Flick “She made fun of him. “It’s just the way she is and who she is, so it’ll always be there.”


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