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Home and Away star Emily Weir reveals real-life connection to Mac’s storyline

Mackenzie Booth of Home and Away has been fighting to keep her restaurant Salt afloat due to mounting debts in recent months, and Emily Weir has revealed a real-life connection to her character’s tale.

Since hearing that her insurance claim for last year’s gas attack had been denied, Mac has gotten increasingly desperate. After debt collectors knock at her house, she will soon turn to the realm of illicit underground poker games, hosting them at Salt.

Many others will be able to identify to Mac’s financial difficulties, like Emily, who told Stuff that she had also struggled with debt.

“Unlike Mac, I’ve never been in danger of losing everything,” she said, “but I did have debt collectors come after me when I was in my early 20s.”

Before going to Europe, the actress received an Australian credit card, which caused her complications.

“I used up all of my savings but still wanted to travel, so I started withdrawing cash on my Australian card throughout Europe,” Emily explained. “I was so young and foolish that I thought, ‘Oh, yeah, I’ll pay it back once I settle here,'” she says.

Emily’s mother in Australia soon informed her that debt collectors were calling the family home in search of her, prompting Emily to take steps to pay off her obligations.

“I had to hustle and work three jobs to pay it off before it got too bad,” she explained. “I was in hot water for a brief while there.”

Emily said that her character’s journey will have a big impact on Summer Bay when she spoke about it.

“The plot is so interesting,” Emily added. “It has a lot of different levels to it, and it’s something that will eventually take over the entire Bay.”

“This illicit gambling plot affects everyone, since it actually goes out and into a lot of other people’s stories.”

Many viewers would be able to connect to Mac’s financial troubles, Emily noted, even if they don’t agree with her approach to solving them.

“Being in debt is such a terrible, bleak place to be because it affects every aspect of your life,” Emily explained.

“It’s always at the back of your mind, and it makes you feel ill.” All of your stress and anxiety levels skyrocket, and when you’re in that situation, you make terrible decisions and do things you wouldn’t typically do.”


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