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Home and Away spoilers: Xander death fears, Rose heartache and Jett ‘returns’

When Rose tries to figure out why Xander and his colleague were ambushed by a group of thugs, her efforts result in grief. Jett admits he is engaged in the meantime.

When Xander and his coworker are ambushed by a group of thugs who are searching for narcotics in the ambulance, things take a sinister turn on Home and Away.

Rose is compelled to inform Xander that his partner passed away at the scene before he is brought to the hospital with critical injuries.

Rose will stop at nothing to find the truth and makes it her mission to bring justice to Xander and his partner.

She assumes it may be related to Xander’s attackers when she hears that a suspected drug overdose case has been taken into the hospital.

Rose slips in to speak with the patient, blurring the lines between sister and police officer.

Mali hurries to support Rose after learning of Xander’s hospitalisation, but it soon becomes apparent that the new pair approaches caring for their loved ones in very different ways.

Mali waits by Xander’s bedside in the ICU and wonders how Rose could abandon her brother in the hospital as Rose continues her journey to find Xander’s attackers.

Cash supports Rose’s research, and using the phone of the overdose victim, Rose finds the drug dealer and entices him to a police sting.

When Rose displays her badge, the dealer flees, but Rose is able to apprehend him.

Rose succeeds, but Mali breaks up with her, saying he wants to be with someone who prioritises the same things as him.

Cash is still perplexed as to how Eden’s finger came to be wearing an engagement ring.

Eden plays a practical joke on Cash by pretending that he proposed last night after realising that Cash can’t recall what happened that night.

Cash participates in the engagement since he doesn’t want to break Eden’s spirit.

Cash does not find it amusing when Eden admits it was all a joke.

When Eden can’t get the ring off her finger, Cash becomes upset, leaving Eden to question why her lover is so opposed to becoming engaged to her.

Eden is devastated by Cash’s response and begins to think that a man wouldn’t want to marry her.

Cash, however, displaces the engagement ring he had originally purchased for Jasmine and gives Eden a charm bracelet with a treble clef as a way of demonstrating his point.

Remi, meantime, is committed to helping Bree during her hospital stays and post-abortion recuperation.

Bree won’t go until Xander is given the all-clear, but he has trouble recovering from surgery.

Xander lashes out and kicks Bree in the stomach because he feels disoriented and confused.

Bree later asks if they can take things gradually after revealing her want to be with Remi.

Leah, who is on the other side of the bay, asks Justin to take his legal battle seriously and gets him the best attorney in the field.

But after learning that his odds aren’t good, Justin gets ready to inform Ava that he might be going to jail.

Justin asks Ava to return to her mother’s house so that his daughter won’t have to see him become convicted.

Ava is devastated that her father wants to send her away and says she can never lose her father again.

Theo decides to make amends with Ava as he worries about losing Justin as well.

Ava acknowledges that she is envious of Justin and Theo’s deep bond as they work out their differences for the benefit of the family.

Leah is the one who eventually persuades Ava that Justin has to concentrate on his legal battle.

Ava consents to return to her mother’s home after Leah says that Justin will become disoriented if she is there in the courtroom.

They exchange a touching farewell as Justin fights back tears.

When John and Marilyn find that their son, Jett, has gotten engaged, they can hardly contain their joy.

John offers to pay for the wedding out of concern for his son, but Marilyn feels under pressure to chip in as well.

She devises a plan to generate quick money and chooses to market skin care items.

Marilyn is beaming with excitement about her new position as a “brand ambassador” for Stunning Organics, a skincare firm.

Marilyn, who is purely optimistic because she sees this as a quick way to acquire money to pay for Jett’s wedding, refuses to take into account Roo’s healthy cynicism about the company.

But Marilyn encounters a snag when it becomes apparent that she is ignorant of contemporary online marketing.

Kirby comes to the rescue and agrees to assist with her social media after her failed attempts to develop a marketing video.


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