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9 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week What’s next in Summer Bay?

Next week on Home and Away, there’s a nasty surprise for Cash in the fallout from Felicity’s wedding.

Elsewhere, Xander is rocked by tragedy – and the consequences take a toll on Rose’s relationship with Mali.

Here’s a full collection of nine big moments coming up.

Eden’s prank on Cash backfires

Cash wakes up groggy the morning after Tane and Felicity’s wedding and is startled to see an engagement ring on Eden’s finger. Cash previously purchased the ring for Jasmine, but he is unsure of how it ended up there.

Eden plays a practical joke on Cash by pretending that he proposed to her after realizing that he can’t recall what happened the previous evening.

Cash goes through with it and acts like he remembers, but he is obviously uneasy. Eden eventually clarifies the situation, but when Cash is unable to find the humor in it, she frankly inquires as to why Cash’s engagement to her would be such a negative thing.

 Cash and Eden try to move forward

Eden gives an explanation for her upset feelings, stating that she thinks there are two categories of women: those that men marry and those who men do not. She now believes Cash sees her as the backup plan.

Cash wants to show Eden how much he feels for her, so he sells his previous engagement ring and spends the proceeds on a lovely charm bracelet for her.

 Xander is rocked by a tragic death

While on duty, Xander and his paramedic partner Jamie are ambushed by thugs who assault them and take narcotics from the ambulance.

Xander, who was hurt, learns later at the hospital the tragic news that Jamie passed away there. Rose promises to use her position in the police to find the offenders because she wants justice for Xander and Jamie.

Bree gets injured at the hospital

After having an abortion, Bree resumes her job but has a challenging shift since Xander is brought in for treatment. She won’t go until her housemate and buddy give her the all-clear.

Following emergency surgery, when Xander regains consciousness, he is frightened and disoriented and lashes out, unintentionally kicking Bree in the stomach. Remi rushes to help Bree because she fears that this may hinder her rehabilitation.

Mali questions Rose’s priorities

When Rose learns that a woman has been admitted to the hospital after a suspected drug overdose, she is fascinated. She believes that this might be connected to the medications that the assailants of Xander and Jamie stole.

Rose enters covertly to speak with the patient before leaving on a police chase to apprehend the offenders. Mali is shocked that Rose isn’t sitting by Xander’s bedside in the intensive care unit.

 Rose is shocked as Mali dumps her

Rose’s police mission is a success as she uses the overdose victim’s phone to draw out the drug dealer in a sting. When the criminal appears, Rose chases after him and brings him into police custody.

Rose’s relief over the positive outcome turns to horror when Mali breaks up with her, claiming that he needs to be with someone who shares his priorities. Mali says that he’d always put family before work, but Rose is flabbergasted that she’s seemingly being dumped for being a good cop.

 Marilyn hopes for some fast cash

The good news that Jett, a former foster son, is now engaged is delivered to John and Marilyn. Although she can’t afford it, Marilyn promises to pay her due portion even if John offers to pay for the wedding.

Marilyn looks for quick-money scams before signing up to be a brand ambassador for the skincare line Stunning Organics. Roo has doubts about the company, but Marilyn won’t listen to anything negative and hires Kirby to assist her with marketing.

Tane and Felicity return

Felicity is unhappy that the honeymoon has to come to an end as Tane and she return from their honeymoon. As they return to normal activities, reality sets in, but Felicity can’t help but think that life as a newlywed should be better.

Tane reassures Felicity that they can make it work on their own terms despite her complaints that life after marriage is full of expectations.

Ava leaves after Justin’s bad news

Justin’s attorney warns him that a prison sentence is very likely for his assault on Conor since the prosecution wants to use him as a lesson.

Ava is supposed to move out and return to living with her mother, according to Justin. Ava first objects, but she quickly realizes with maturity that Justin needs to concentrate on his legal case without her present.

Justin is devastated by Ava’s leaving since he knows it might be his last opportunity to see his daughter be


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