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Home and Away Spoilers – Who is Mali’s “promised wife” Zara?

Mali’s future with Rose is threatened by the visit of his ex-girlfriend on Home and Away in the UK next week. Why has he never brought up this “promised wife”?

When his “Magic Mali” video goes viral the next week, Mali (Kyle Shilling) fears he might have gotten himself into a sticky situation with girlfriend Rose (Kirsty Marillier). However, that will be the least of his worries when he later receives a surprise guest.

Xander (Luke Van Os), who was left in charge of Salt alone last week, had to throw a last-minute hen’s party after discovering he had overlooked an email from Mackenzie (Emily Weir).

Ally (Zoe Ioannou), the maid of honour, felt let down by the “corporate nightmare” that Xander had put together, and since he had ordered a lot of items that he had neglected to deliver, it appeared that Xander would have to give a refund.

But that was before Mali intervened. A few embarrassingly graceful dances were all that was needed to win the bride over and start the celebration, and before long, everyone was forgiving.

When Mac learned about “Magic Mali,” he was taken aback, but Ali quickly responded with positive feedback the following day, and Mali knew he wouldn’t let it go. With all the hens filming, he begged Xander to keep it a secret from Rose, but it was only a matter of time.

As expected, the footage appears online the next week. Mali worries that they won’t have time to take it down before Rose notices it, but Xander is more focused on trying to talk Mali into doing it again because he’s received other requests for bookings!


After a hectic few days, Mali and Rose finally hook up, and he tells Rose that things have been very uninteresting. She asks what he’s been up to. He simply gets himself into further trouble because he doesn’t understand Rose has already watched the footage.

Rose teases him that he can only remain at her apartment tonight if he does “the dance,” showing him the video on her phone, after finally realising that Mali isn’t going to grow a pair anytime soon.

Mali is happy that Rose has accepted it with humour, but he knows that she is not the only person who has seen the video.

When Mali’s ex-girlfriend Zara Campbell (Matilda Brown) enters the surf club the following day, she is taken aback!

Zara grew up in Mantaray Point with Mali, and as Zara remains close to Mali’s family, Zara assumed they would have alerted him about her impending arrival.

When Zara asks her old friend for an embrace, Xander notices them and asks what’s going on. Zara clarifies that she only wanted to check out his new shop.

But it doesn’t take long to realise that the two are more than simply lovers. Zara loudly declares that she is Mali’s promised wife as Mali tries to introduce her to Xander informally.

Later, Mali makes an attempt to clarify to Xander that, despite the fact that some of the tribes back home still adhere to the idea of arranged weddings, his own community is not one of them, and that his being “promised” to Zara was only an ongoing joke that their mums would torture them with.

Xander finds it difficult to understand, especially after Mali acknowledges that there are still individuals who wish for the two to reconcile.

But the most pressing concern is how Rose will respond to the news.especially when Zara says she intends to stay at Mali’s house…


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