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Home and Away newcomer Levi races to save a Summer Bay favourite

This week on Australia’s Home and Away, newly hired cardiac surgeon Dr. Levi scrambles to save Mackenzie following a medical emergency.

This week, Perth actor Tristan Gorey makes his stage debut as Dr. Levi, a cardiothoracic surgeon summoned to Northern Districts Hospital to attempt to save the life of a Summer Bay resident. Dr. Levi is the new medical professional in town.

After getting into a fight with co-owner Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) in the middle of Salt, 30-year-old Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) becomes that resident!

This past week, Mac has been under intense pressure as Flick, played by Ethan Browne, has been struggling to deal with the dissolution of her marriage to Tane, after she persisted in taking the medication while deceiving him into believing she was ready to start a family.

Flick quickly accused Mac of taking sides, saying that she was making it too easy for her husband to leave her, after learning that Tane had moved into the farmhouse with Mac and Mali (Kyle Shilling), having left their Saxon Avenue home.

Mac attempted to clarify that she was only supporting a friend and didn’t want to get caught in the middle, but Flick wouldn’t listen.

Tane tried to forget about Flick as soon as possible, so he went to a pub and brought Leyla (Francesca Hung), his one-night fling, home.


When the two emerged from the bedroom the following morning, Mali was taken aback and didn’t know what to say to Flick when she eventually inquired about Tane.

“Tell her the truth,” Tane casually answered. “I’m not really bothered.”

The teaser for this week’s episode reveals that Flick quickly finds out what Tane has been up to.

Relentlessly seeking a reconciliation, Flick visits the farmhouse late one night and is greeted by Mac at the door. When Flick pleads to see Tane and says she just needs to knock on his bedroom door, Mac won’t let her inside the house.

The following morning, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) asks Mac if letting Flick inside the house would have been such a bad idea.

“I was attempting to safeguard her,” Mac responds, subtly implying that Tane was occupied amusing another woman during Flick’s visit.

Later, fearing that his sister’s marriage is truly over, Cash confides in Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) about what he has discovered.

He wonders, “If he’s already sleeping with other women, what does that say?”

Regretfully, Flick hears everything because he is right outside his bedroom door at the moment.

Naturally, Flick goes directly to Salt and slaps Mac again, saying that it’s all her fault!

“Are you content now?” she asks. “My spouse gets a place to stay from you, and this is where it ends up? What a waste of a friend!

Mac, frustrated, attempts to clarify again, but Flick only yells. Mac feels a sharp pain in her chest and stumbles all of a sudden. She can’t breathe, she explains to paramedic-turned-bartender Xander (Luke Van Os), who is fortunately standing next to her.

When Mac suddenly gives out in agony, Cash and Xander run to save her. Xander tries his hardest to get her to continue talking, but she seems to pass out as a horrified Flick looks on in dismay.

Back to the Bay first broke the news of Mackenzie’s impending cardiac issues in August when we published an article on an online audition tape that was made available to the public and that we now know was for Levi

Have you yet to hear what has happened to you?

My heart gave out.

In theory, sure, but the situation is a little more complicated than that. You experienced a coronary artery dissection that is known as spontaneous. That essentially indicates that one of your heart’s blood veins was torn.


The heart muscle begins to die at that point. which explains why you fell.

Yet why… Really, why did that occur?

We have no idea why; it’s quite uncommon. That implies, I suppose, that you have joined a very exclusive club.

I would prefer frequent flyer miles.

As Mac is being transported to the Yabbie Creek hospital, a call is placed to Levi, who is regarded as one of the top cardiothoracic surgeons in the area. Bree (Juliet Godwin) is reassured that Mac will be in good hands by his confidence when he introduces himself.

Tristan told TV Week, “Levi is a driven, headstrong individual who believes hard work pays off.” “He enjoys the chance to push himself at work and loves what he does, like most surgeons.”

“The stakes are high, and one of Summer Bay’s most beloved characters may face serious consequences if Levi can’t figure out what the problem is,” Tristan continues.

However, it appears that Dana (Ally Harris), the hospital’s recently hired nurse, is already one of Levi’s fans. According to this week’s synopses, Dana makes contact with a former coworker, suggesting that the two have previously collaborated. Dana extols Tristan while telling him how he previously saved her life.

TV Week has hinted that Levi isn’t the only Summer Bay resident who knows Dana; apparently, not everyone is as thrilled to see him. In fact, they had a “explosive showdown” when they find out he’s in town.

However, we think we already know the solution to this one. Filming in Palm Beach has shown that Levi is actually Eden’s brother, as we just reported!

Even as recently as last week, when Bree asked about her family, Eden quickly shifted the topic and showed her reluctance to discuss them. Even though Eden’s siblings have never been identified, we do know that she was raised in a funeral parlour and that her parents still hold out hope that she will eventually take over the company.

When Levi suddenly appears, what will Eden have to say?


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