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Home and Away Spoilers – Tori and Christian bid farewell after fairytale wedding

Tori and Christian will exchange nuptials and then wave farewell to Summer Bay on next week’s episode of Home and Away in the UK. But it isn’t without pain for those who are left behind…

Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) and Christian Green (Ditch Davey) have been rushing to get married before departing for a new life in London. It’s been a bumpy road to the altar for one of Summer Bay’s most popular couples, and it’s been all hands on deck for Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) and Christian Green (Ditch Davey) over the past week.

While the couple had recently decided to relocate to the United Kingdom following their wedding, they had not expected Tori to be accepted for the very first hospital job she applied for—let alone to be required to start in only two weeks!

Their lavish wedding plans had to be postponed a second time, and an intimate ceremony was rescheduled for the Morgan House garden. However, Justin (James Stewart) was taken aback by the news of his sister’s impending departure and declined Tori’s plea to give her away.

Tori and Christian get some terrible news this week as they finish off their wedding preparations. After the pair stated their desire to get married in the bay surrounded by their loved ones, neither of their families were able to attend the event, in typical Home and Away tradition.

Because of the short notice, Christian’s parents and any of his four sisters are unable to make the trip, and Tori learns via her brother Brody that his partner Simone is in the hospital with terrible morning sickness. Tori’s half-sister Raffy is also now overseas (she’ll meet Tori and Christian in London), so it’ll be a lot smaller gathering than originally intended.

However, the problems aren’t limited to those who live outside of the bay, as Justin refuses to escort his sister down the aisle. Even a strong reprimand from closest friend Christian isn’t enough to sway an obstinate Justin!

Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost), Tori’s two-year-old daughter Grace, is another individual who has been affected by the news of Tori and Christian’s planned departure (played in this final block by Alessia & Siena Taraborrelli and Daisy & Paloma Carpenter).

Grace’s departure makes Jasmine feel as though her remaining links to late husband Robbo in Summer Bay are being severed in one fell swoop with the sale of the gym nearing completion.

Jasmine is also unsure when she should take her relationship with new beau Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) to the next level. When Cash suggests that the two of them go on a romantic getaway in the city, she jumps at the chance and suggests that they go that night.

When Jasmine arranges to meet Cash in Salt, she finds herself in an unexpected drinking session with Cash’s sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis)—and the drinks keep pouring when Cash texts to say he’s been held up at work. Jasmine is completely plastered by the time Cash comes to take her to the city.

Despite Jasmine’s attention, Cash wisely determines that they should postpone their romantic evening and informs an upset Jasmine that he’ll take her home.

The next morning, Irene (Lynne McGranger) discovers a hungover Jasmine sprawled on her bed, and Jasmine reveals that she’s been taken aback by Grace and Tori’s departure, and she now fears she’s lost Cash as well as a result of her behaviour the night before.

Tori subsequently hangs out with Grace so Jasmine can spend some time with her, and when Justin texts to say he needs to chat, she leaves her in Jasmine’s care.

Tori listens as Justin attempts to express his thoughts over her leaving as they return to the Morgan residence. After everything they’ve gone through, including their parents’ deaths and years in witness protection, Justin and Tori have always been a team.

Justin is having enough trouble accepting the fact that he must let Tori leave without having to be the one to ‘hand her away’ at her wedding. Tori embraces her brother and assures him she understands as he believes it would shatter him.

The wedding day arrives, but Jasmine makes a last-minute blunder when she tells Cash that she can’t bear saying goodbye to Tori and Grace.

Cash is able to persuade her to alter her mind, but because she is already late, he offers her a ride in the blues and twos police car!

Tori and Christian’s loved ones gather in the rear yard of the Morgan mansion, including Leah (Ada Nicodemou), Marilyn (Emily Symons), and others… Nurse Isabel… the unidentified nurse with the spectacles… the porter… and a slew of other hospital extras…

As Tori prepares to leave the house, she receives one more surprise: Justin has finally come around.

Justin proudly walks his sister down the aisle to a waiting Christian, with Grace as flower girl.

They’re quickly followed by Jasmine and Cash, who have arrived to the sound of police sirens.

Tori and Christian write their own vows, declaring their love for one another while also adding a sense of fun into the proceedings.

Justin finds Christian’s pledge to consume Tori’s bad food particularly amusing.

Christian warns Tori, “You may be leaving family and friends.” “However, you’ll never be alone.”

“We’re embarking on yet another massive journey and leaping into the unknown,” Tori responds. “However, with you on my side, I say go for it!”

Tori and Christian are now husband and wife, according to the celebrant (Michelle Doake).

Despite the sad overtones, everyone loves the celebration, especially Justin, who says that he wants one last dance with his sister. Justin tells Tori that she performed well as they both glance at Christian, who is now dancing with Marilyn.

It’s time to say goodbye after Tori has a final private conversation with Jasmine in which they wish each other all the happiness in the world.


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