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Home and Away reveals Leah Patterson’s hospital shock in 15 spoiler pictures

Next week, Leah Patterson’s persistent sleep issues cause a nasty disaster on Channel 5’s Home and Away.

Mackenzie Booth is admitted to the hospital after a possible heart attack at Salt, among other places.

On Monday, February 5, Mac is found comatose on the Salt floor.
It appears that she had a heart attack.

February 5th, Monday: Xander and Cash are both concerned.
Felicity, however, worries that her argument with Mac resulted in the health scare.

Monday, February 5: Mac is saved by Xander
To save Mac’s life, he and Cash use the Surf Club’s defibrillator.

February 5th, Monday: Mac is brought into the hospital.
In her hospital bed, she starts to move around.

February 5th, Monday: Mac is scared because of her health scare.
She opens up to Tane and Mali about her feelings.

February 5th, Monday: Tane and Mali are worried because Mac’s health issue surprised them greatly.

Monday, February 5: Bree is spoken to by Tane and Mali.
They anticipate receiving some responses.

Bree gives Mac’s pals an update on Monday, February 5.
However, at this point, there are no simple solutions.

February 5th, Monday: Tane is still worried.
He pays attention to what Bree is saying.

On Monday, February 5, Felicity shows up to the medical facility.
She still feels bad about it.

Levi Fowler, a newcomer, comes on Monday, February 5.
Bree is introduced to Levi, a cardiothoracic surgeon.

February 5, Monday: Bree says hello Levi
Regarding Mac’s health scare, Levi intends to provide some clarification.

Monday, February 5: Bree and the others will soon discover that Levi is not as simple as he seems.
In addition to knowing Harper from their time spent together at a different hospital, Levi is Eden’s brother.

Monday, February 5: Tane and Felicity’s relationship is tense.
Felicity is still having trouble coming to terms with the fact that Tane has been having extramarital affairs since they broke up.

Monday, February 5: Felicity believes Tane has deceived her.
Tane, though, is content to put their failed marriage behind him.


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