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Home and Away Spoilers – Dean and Ziggy can’t wait to get jiggy

Dean and Ziggy are dealing with the lack of physical connection during his rehabilitation on next week’s episode of Home and Away in the UK…

Dean and fiancée Ziggy are experiencing irritation of a different type this week, after overcoming numerous difficulties throughout his rehabilitation from his automobile accident in September.

When Mac inquires about Dean’s well-being, Ziggy embarks on a spiel about how wonderful everything is, which Mac immediately debunks. She inquires as to why she is overcompensating, and Ziggy retorts that she will come to regret her question.

She goes on to say that they haven’t been able to explore the physical part of their relationship because she and Dean only got back together in the weeks following his automobile accident.

Dean’s cries of ecstasy from eating the pizza are enough to get Ziggy embarrassed as he heads downstairs with the food to a waiting Dean.

Following their strange experience with Marilyn the next day, the two travel to the gym for Dean’s latest rehab session. As Ziggy kneels in front of Dean to assist him with his leg exercises, it’s evident that their sexual tension is on the verge of exploding.

Ziggy decides to vent her rage on the boxing bag, but as they continue to watch each other work up a sweat, the scenario becomes even more tense.

When Dean goes outside to cool off, he runs into Logan, who, after some waffling, comes out and asks when he and Ziggy will be able to have sex again. Logan tells him that while there are no hard and fast rules for recuperating from a fractured pelvis, he should be physically capable of doing so once he can climb stairs.

When Dean returns, Ziggy is taken aback, and he sets out on a mission to make it up the stairwell to Salt.

Dean tries to push himself through excruciating pain despite Ziggy’s pleas to stop, but he is unable to do so in the end.

Later, he reveals the reason for his determination, which Ziggy fully comprehends, revealing that she has been feeling the same way but didn’t want to put him under any unnecessary strain. Ziggy tells him she’ll wait as long as it takes, and they both laugh it off.

However, when Dean is admitted to the hospital that evening for a skin transplant, Ziggy realises that the visiting hours have ended. Looking at Dean in his hospital bed, she wonders how daring he is… after all, they’re in the perfect location if anything goes wrong.

As Ziggy gets up and closes the drapes, Dean agrees…


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