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Home and Away spoiler: Eden quizzes Cash over Harper

Harper keeps Dana under his wing at Irene’s. The sisters are eager to hear from Cash with an update. Eden becomes a little irritated when Cash leaves to tend to Harper. John eventually spills the rumours to Eden, saying he saw Harper’s uneasy demeanour among the police. He does note, though, that Harper appears to be at ease with Cash.

Later, Eden questions Cash and finds out what he’s helping her with when she sees him conversing with Harper. Though she’s a little uneasy about his holding this secret, she subsequently shows her trust in him by bringing doughnuts as a sign of peace.

Dana is trying to phone her ex-boyfriend, who lied to the police and got them into this situation, when Harper finds her. Dana is compelled to hide when Cash shows up to see Harper. Harper is looking for updates on her sister’s case, but Cash is having a hard time getting the case file, so it’s a slow burn for him.

Dana pays close attention later when Cash gives Harper another update. Seeing Harper’s phone unattended, she tries texting Olly on the spur of the moment. Harper is taken aback when she finally gets caught and wonders if she wants to be discovered.

In the meantime, Rose and Xander are still at odds because he won’t acknowledge her quest for her biological father. To a receptive Mali, Rose confides, “I don’t want to risk making waves before they have more information.” She explains that she hasn’t notified Xander about the lead she found.

Afterwards, at the station, Rose’s inquisitiveness overcomes her and she searches for Samuel Edwards’ record. She confesses after being caught red-handed by Cash that she may be part South African because Samuel was born in Cape Town. In addition, Rose discovers a marriage licence and knows that he was undoubtedly wed at the time of her conception. When her mother doesn’t answer the phone, it appears to be verified that Samuel Edwards is her father.


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