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Home and Away Spoilers – Is it over for Mac and Logan already?

On next week’s episode of Home and Away in the UK, Ziggy and Dean meet a stumbling block when Ziggy dodges a vital issue, and may Mac’s new romance be doomed from the start?

Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) has had a terrible few weeks following the vehicle tragedy that almost took his life. With a lengthy stretch of therapy ahead of him as he regained the power to walk, it became clear that he wouldn’t be able to return to his flat above the Pier Diner due to the stairs.

Despite the fact that they’d only been back together for a few weeks, the obvious answer was to move in with girlfriend Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) at the farm house.

His past poor experience with sleeping tablet addiction caused him to refuse to take his pain medicine for a period of time, which further slowed his recovery. The fact that Dean was struggling with the idea of Ziggy seeing him in that situation, combined with the fact that he was struggling with the idea of Ziggy seeing him in that situation, caused him to lash out at those who were attempting to help, caused him to lash out at those who were attempting to help.

Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner), the guy who had saved him from the vehicle accident, ultimately persuaded Dean to let him give him some pain medication so he could have a good night’s sleep. But the issue of Ziggy persisted, and Dean took the painful choice to ask her to leave for a bit, feeling demoralised by her having to witness him in his present state.

Ziggy decided to visit her sister Coco in Queensland, leaving Dean in the care of his sister Mackenzie, who was upset (Emily Weir).

Patrick told Australian publication TV Week, “At this time, Mackenzie is like the messenger between Ziggy and Dean.” “He lacks the courage to tell Ziggy how he feels emotionally and physically, so he enlists the aid of Mackenzie.”

However, Logan’s hunch that the accident had caused PTSD related to the previous vehicle accident he had in 2012, which killed his mate, Amber’s brother Jai, wasn’t enough to break Dean out of his mood.

“Last time, he had Willow as a buddy looking after him, so he was fine with showing her how fragile he was,” Patrick added.

“However, Ziggy is a unique case. He wants to be the guy she requires, but he isn’t in the right place right now.”

It got too much for Mac after a few weeks of trying to assist Dean, and she contacted Ziggy in desperation to tell her she could return home. Despite the awkwardness of the reunion, Ziggy is adamant that she will see Dean through his rehabilitation and will not be kicked out of her own house again!

This week, a determined Ziggy begins reading over Dean’s therapy plan and notices that he has a session scheduled at the gym.

When Dean refuses to go, Ziggy devises a back-up plan by going to the gym and taking some of their equipment.

As Dean anxiously attempts to contact Mac and persuade her to return, Ziggy arrives to the house with this. But Ziggy informs him that Mac has informed her of his communications, and that he is trapped with her!

Dean ultimately eats his pride and begins his workouts in front of Ziggy after much persuading.

That night, Ziggy confronts Dean, asking why he feels so comfortable exposing his vulnerabilities in front of everyone but her. Dean claims that he wishes to, but that he is still shattered. Ziggy tells him that they will get through this together, and they appear to have reached a turning point.

Things look to be going well later in the week when Mac arrives to visit. Dean is hesitant to go to his first official gym session with his physio that afternoon when Ziggy suggests it. Mac and Ziggy discuss it in private and come to the conclusion that it may be because Tane is at the gym. They think Dean doesn’t want an audience, let alone the ex-boyfriend of his fiancée, so Mac agrees to get Tane out of the way.

But Dean is perplexed when Ziggy subsequently informs him that Tane will not be at the gym—what does that have to do with anything? He admits that he is aware that the gym session would be difficult, but he recognises that he must go if he wants to improve.

Dean runs into Mia (Anna Samson) for the first time since the accident when he arrives. Dean expresses his thanks for her role in rescuing him, as well as his greatest sorrow for the death of their kid, and she and Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) are overjoyed to have him up and about.

However, something Ari says later makes Dean doubt about the situation at the farmhouse, and when he returns, he asks Ziggy whether she would have asked him to move in so fast if the tragedy hadn’t happened. Ziggy is at a loss for words!

Meanwhile, with Ziggy taking over at the farmhouse, Mac has been able to focus on other things, including her budding romance with Logan!

However, a recent conversation with Jasmine (Sam Frost) about her own new relationship with Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwight) has given Mac some food for thought, as she wonders if she knows him well enough to take the next step in their relationship and sleep with him. Is she moving too quickly with Logan?

When Logan is alone with Mac at her apartment, he clearly has a plan for how he wants to pass the time until Mac goes to work. So he’s taken aback when she enthusiastically recommends a cup of tea and a talk to get to know each other better!

Mac does her hardest to strike up a conversation with him, inquiring about his job and family, but their animal instincts win out in the end.

“Can you remind me why we’re chatting in the first place…?” Mac inquires as she abandons the act. “Good question,” Logan responds as they begin kissing passionately.

After that, Logan asks Mac if she’s sure she’s pleased with the way things are going, and she replies that everything is fine as it is.

Logan has been very busy at work—no dramatic rescues, just dull paperwork—and it will be a few days before Mac and Logan see each other again.

However, their breakfast at Salt is quickly disrupted when Logan takes a call from work, and it becomes clear that he’s concealing something from Mac when he tells them that he’ll get back to them by the end of the day with a decision.

Later, when Logan sees Mac, he informs her that his medical response unit is being relocated further down the shore.

And not just a little journey down the coast to the city, but a big distance. If he leaves, he and Mac won’t be able to see one other very often, if at all!

Is Mac on the verge of losing Logan?


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