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Home and Away Spoilers – Dana vanishes after being arrested

Detective Madden eventually apprehends Dana on Home and Away in the UK the next week, but she quickly disappears! How did Madden treat her?

This week, Detective Will Madden (Jonny Pasvolsky) and sisters Harper (Jessica Redmayne) and Dana (Ally Harris) Matheson’s cat and mouse game comes to an end when Madden finally wins his girl.

Last week, evidence that dishonest police officer Madden was hiding information that Dana had an alibi for the theft she was falsely accused of was uncovered, confirming everyone’s concerns about him.

Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) called the restaurant after realising that Harper’s statement—which verified that she had been out with Dana at the time—had not been included in the initial case files. The restaurant confirmed that they still had CCTV from that afternoon on their systems.

Dana’s ex-boyfriend Olly, who framed her, received a gloating voicemail from her using Harper’s phone. It seems that Olly told Madden, who arrived at the city eatery ahead of Cash and took the video.

In addition to undermining her own alibi, Dana’s use of Harper’s phone was certain to have alerted Madden to the sisters’ presence. not that he could formally use such evidence without disclosing his connection to Olly.

Cash tells Harper the next week that he has requested that the anti-corruption section launch an enquiry into Madden. Despite Cash’s prompt warning that they cannot disclose Dana’s voicemail to Olly to the police, Harper is happy that they already have the evidence. This would implicate Harper.


They need to play it cool until Cash’s meeting with anti-corruption comes next week since they don’t know who Madden is working with on the force.

But Harper quickly forgets about Madden when Irene (Lynne McGranger) appears out of the blue in the diner!

Irene is blissfully oblivious to the fact that Dana has been holed up in Harper’s room at the Beach House, and the sisters were able to get some much-needed breathing room after her meeting with her grandchild, who has never been mentioned before.

Harper runs home after learning that Irene hasn’t arrived yet, almost having time to alert Dana before Irene arrives. Irene seems to believe Harper’s quick thinking when she explains that she had a dinner party the previous night, which accounts for the large number of dishes (a lot for only one person).

In the meantime, Madden unexpectedly visits the Parata-Newman residence.

He lets himself in and asks Cash how things have been doing since their last conversation. Naturally, they are both aware of what has been happening, but they choose not to discuss it as Madden clarifies that he has just been checking in on a few things and, in contrast to Cash, is skilled at gathering proof.

Subsequently, Madden intimidates Cash by threatening to put him in jail as soon as he can demonstrate that he knows where Dana is. In response, Cash says he’ll see him in there.

Madden makes the decision to visit the Beach House. He storms past an obviously disinterested Irene and demands to see Harper, who comes out of the bedroom.

Harper declines to go anywhere with Madden when he asks her to go with him to the station.

Madden tells Irene it’s not her problem when she intervenes. But Irene isn’t having any of it. She urges him to show a warrant or get out of her house, reminding him that he is standing inside.

As Madden disappears, Irene turns to Harper for an explanation of what transpired. Irene proposes they ask the person hiding in the downstairs bedroom instead of Harper, who is unsure about where to start.

Harper opens the door to see Dana standing there and hastily tries to deny that Irene didn’t come down in the previous shower.

As Harper tells Irene their story and apologises, she says Cash would support everything they’ve said.

Irene chooses to hold off on making a decision until after speaking with Cash, who assures her that the girls are real and that Madden is setting them up. But he cautions Irene that she would be breaking the law if she allowed Dana to stay at the beach house any longer. However, surrendering her would result in the imprisonment of a young lady who is innocent.

She finds Harper and Dana almost ready to pack up their belongings when she gets home.

Irene informs Dana that she can move into the spare room upstairs, reassuring her that she won’t reveal their secret. Cash’s opinion of their trustworthiness suffices for her.

That evening, Irene discovers Dana awake late and informs her that the Beach House has always served as a haven and that she hopes it will continue to do so.

However, Madden is not by himself at Summer Bay; at Salt, he meets up with James Biasetto’s character, DS Stuart Fletcher, a corrupt police officer. Although Stuart has been monitoring the Beach House, he has nothing new to report at this time.

However, things immediately became worse the following day. Cash is unaware that Fletcher is seated at a nearby table, listening to everything Cash says to Harper regarding the impending anti-corruption probe.

Madden receives a message from Fletcher informing him that they must act fast since time is running out.

After bringing Fletcher back to the Beach House, Madden arrests Harper for obstructing a police investigation and tainting the course of justice. This time, he shows Irene the warrant for the arrest.

After learning of all that is happening, Dana can no longer bear for her sister to be taken away, and she eventually comes clean to Madden.

Dana tells a victorious Madden, “I’m the one you want, not her,” and he gives Fletcher the order to release Harper.

After a panicked phone call, Cash dashes to meet Harper and Irene at the station, only to be greeted with uncertainty upon arrival.

Nobody knows where Madden, Fletcher, and Dana are, and they haven’t shown up!


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