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Home and Away spoilers: Chloe’s world changes forever after Matthew reveals secret

Despite Mia’s best efforts to get rid of the most unwelcome reminder of her past, newcomer Matthew (James Sweeny) has been sticking around the Bay for the past week or two. Matthew, on the other hand, insists on not going until he meets his daughter, Chloe (Sam Barrett).

Matthew rapidly learns who Chloe is, what she looks like, and where she works by listening in on conversations around him. When Chloe is getting ready to close the Diner and start cooking delivery orders one night, Matthew remains behind to get to know his daughter without identifying himself.

As she waits for Ryder, Chloe is slightly distracted, and she is irritated when he calls to say he can’t walk because he burned his feet during a stunt challenge with Theo. She realises she’ll have to finish the orders on her own.

When she respectfully asks Matthew to leave, he inquires as to whether she is secure being alone all night and offers to remain with her. Chloe becomes increasingly agitated and demands that he go. Chloe’s fear grows as Matthew addresses her by her first name.

When she inquires as to how he knows her name, Matthew realises the ruse is over and it’s time to confess the truth. Chloe’s world is turned upside down when he announces that the daughter he’s come to see is her.

Is this guy pretending to be Mia’s father, or has Mia (Anna Samson) been lying to her her whole life?


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