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Kidnapping, shock theft and a blast from the past: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is still missing this week on Home and Away, and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) is worried that she would have contacted him by now. In truth, Felicity is being held captive in an abandoned warehouse by an unlikely suspect – and Tane (Ethan Browne) has no idea that his nightmare isn’t finished yet, as he’ll be the next to be dragged into the agony…

Marilyn (Emily Symons) continues her out of character behaviour, leaving Irene (Lynne McGranger) perplexed. Marilyn consented to stay at Irene’s house, but she is full of complaints, and the day turns into a disaster when they go shopping in Yabbie Creek. Marilyn is rude with shop personnel, tries to steal a meditation bowl, and later shows up with a bottle of liquor, much to Irene’s dismay…

Mia (Anna Samson) is also shaken when she receives a call from an unknown number. When Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) asks what’s wrong, she tries to brush it off, but after some prodding, she admits that Chloe’s father is attempting to reconnect after a 20-year absence. Ari is taken aback when he learns of Mia’s former relationship with Chloe’s father – so what does he want now?

Here’s what’s on Home and Away this week, starting Monday, January 24.

Marilyn starts abusing others, stealing, and drinking

Marilyn hasn’t been herself since leaving the hospital, and Irene is in for a wild trip when she invites her to stay with her for a few of days. Marilyn is full of complaints in the morning about her bed, her tea, and then she announces she’s going shopping. Marilyn quickly verbally abuses shop staff, tries to steal a meditation bowl, and then returns to the house armed with brandy… Irene invites herself along in case damage control is needed, and her instincts are correct as Marilyn proceeds to verbally abuse shop staff, try to steal a meditation bowl, and then come back to the house armed with brandy…

Anne kidnaps Felicity, and Tane is the next victim

Felicity’s radio silence after she vanished has worried Cash, as she typically communicates with him quickly. However, he has no idea that his younger sister is chained to a chair in an abandoned shack, at the mercy of Anne, her ex-girlfriend. Felicity is horrified when the improbable murderer informs Tane would be the next to join her, so she sets out to lure Tane to the isolated site. Anne sneaks sedatives into Tane’s drink before beating him with a taser after turning up at his place with a sob tale about Felicity’s whereabouts…

Cash resigns after a major squabble about Felicity’s absence

While Felicity has been missing, Cash has been feeling useless and is attempting to persuade Detective Nasser to give all of the information he has. He decides to return to his hometown to investigate their old pals after finally reaching a breakthrough. When he hasn’t had any luck, he returns to find Felicity has left the family photo album. He tries to persuade Nasser that Felicity would never leave the house without it, but when Nasser refuses to listen, Cash is left with little choice but to surrender his badge and search for his sister on his own…

Will Cash and Ari arrive in time to save Felicity and Tane?

Tane also vanishes from the Bay not long after Felicity, much to Ari’s consternation and Detective Nasser’s suspicion. Now that Cash is working alone, he enlists the help of the Parata brother, as they are both looking for their siblings. When Cash receives an unusual text from Felicity, he realises her phone has been turned back on and dials 911 for directions. The two men rush to the spot and approach the abandoned shack, where they hear fearful sounds. Will they be able to save Felicity and Tane before it’s too late?

An unpleasant blast from the past jolts Mia

Mia is on her way to grab her morning coffee when she gets a call from a number she doesn’t recognise. She is shaken by the encounter and flees without following her orders. Irene follows her out the door with the drink and remarks that she appears to have seen a ghost. Mia dismisses it as a case of not having had enough caffeine, but she won’t be able to fool Ari when she returns home. Mia confesses to Ari’s surprise that Chloe’s father is attempting to contact her after twenty years of silence…

Nikau realises he’s been looking for the wrong guy all along

After his spiteful posts about Felicity got too much traction online due to his large social media following, Nikau has shut off his phone to go on a digital detox. When he and Bella meet across John on the beach, he has the most up-to-date gossip, and they learn of Tane’s trauma with Anne. Nikau is sufficiently humiliated when he realises that Felicity wasn’t to blame all along, and that he inadvertently started a witch hunt online, exacerbating her agony. He’s at a loss for words — how can he begin to apologise for the harm he’s done?

When Dean tries to get back behind the wheel, his trauma resurfaces

While he recovers on land, Dean is slowly putting his life back on track and reviewing applications for surf teachers. Ziggy offers assistance and asks tentatively when he thinks he’ll be ready to get back in a car. He thinks they’ll have to ask Logan because he can’t rely on his fiancée to be his personal chauffeur indefinitely. The doctor in Salt says he’ll give it a shot, but Dean is hesitant. He offers to lend Dean his car the next day so they can go for a drive, leaving Dean with the option of declining, but he maintains he’s ready. Logan notices that Dean’s trauma is resurfacing — is this a disaster waiting to happen?

Bella starts a new job that goes horribly wrong

Bella and Nikau are both aware that they must go forward and find work. While John recruits Nikau to train as a lifesaver, Bella goes to Salt and asks Mac if she has any openings. Mackenzie is hesitant to live and work with Bella, but she agrees to a trial run because Bella is adamant. Bella’s first shift, on the other hand, is a fiasco, with her losing a large order of food and then offering the clients dessert as compensation without first consulting her employer. Then Nikau walks in and takes her break early, much to Mac’s chagrin…


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