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Home and Away spoilers: Can Alf Stewart get through to STUBBORN Roo?

In Home and Away, Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) tries to persuade Roo (Georgie Parker) to reconcile with Martha.

Roo is still irritated with her mother Martha (Belinda Giblin) for turning down a kidney transplant that could save her life…

Last year, Martha was injured in a poisonous gas assault at the Summer Bay restaurant Salt, and she was left in desperate need of a new kidney.

Martha didn’t want her daughter to take such a risk for her, so Roo offered to be a donor.

As Martha’s health deteriorated, Roo accused her of giving up on life and has struggled to understand her mother’s perspective.

Since then, Alf has been torn between his wife and daughter, but this week he attempts to mend the divide once more…

After learning that Martha’s condition has deteriorated, Alf arranges for Roo to accompany him to Merimbula, where Martha is now spending a break at her country villa.


Roo, on the other hand, isn’t ready to play happy families and firmly refuses to see her mother.

And when Alf tries to make things right between Roo and Martha, he just makes things worse by driving a gap between himself and his daughter…

Roo feels compelled to fix things with Martha after Justin Morgan (James Stewart) tells her to make the most of the time she has left with her mother, and she doesn’t appreciate being pushed into a corner…

Alf eventually decides to back off and assures Roo that she can do anything she wants, but he gently reminds her that he and Martha would both love for her to visit Merimbula…

What will Roo’s decision be?

Justin begs Theo Poulos (Matt Evans) to rekindle his relationship with his parents, but the discussion is cut off once more. Justin wishes his other half, Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou), was back in the bay to help Theo open up about his thoughts as he wonders why Theo is being so bloody-minded…

Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and Tane (Ethan Browne) are back in Summer Bay after delivering Ari Parata’s remains to his native New Zealand, and the family is beginning to feel the void that Ari has left in their life.

Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) feels guilty for not volunteering to aid the Parata family in some way while the family continues to grieve for Ari… When he notices the gym is still closed, he has an idea about how he might help. What if he was able to restart it? Despite the fact that Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) questions Dean’s knowledge of running a gym, he is determined to reopen those doors!


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