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Home and Away Spoilers – 20 pictures show search for Eden Fowler

The search for Eden goes on when Home and Away returns on Monday, January 8, 2024. Twenty new images preview the exciting new plot.

The drama series Home and Away’s 2024 season debut takes up just where yesterday’s dramatic Australian cliffhanger left off, with Cash (played by Nicholas Cartwright) frantically looking for his fiancée Eden (Stephanie Panozzo), who vanished.

Eden Fowler, bass guitarist for Lyrik, was last seen slinking into the bush to relieve himself during the waning seconds of a suspenseful season finale after being whisked off on a romantic camping trip at the gorgeous Crystal Gorge.

She had to abandon her nocturnal toilet expedition when she came upon two men in the dead of night excavating a trench. Eden was taken by surprise, rendered unconscious, and forced into an unidentified vehicle.

Wes (Josh McConville) and Mickey (Travis Jeffery), the males, had earlier collided with Remi’s (Adam Rowland) motorcycle due to their distraction while driving through the bush.

After Eden decided the outdoor life wasn’t for her and that she wanted to leave her and Cash’s camping trip early, Remi had been on his way to pick her up.

The impact rendered Remi unconscious. Wes said that he was dead after checking on him and not finding a pulse.

Mickey begged his companion to call for help, but Wes maintained that the body had to be buried somewhere no one would ever find it.

The two dug a hole as night fell, only to be found by Eden, who had emerged from her tent to respond to the call of the wild.

Wes knocked her unconscious in a panic, then realised he had two bodies to take care of. Before they left, he asked Mickey for assistance in putting her into the rear of their vehicle.

The men drove off into the night, leaving Eden unconscious in the car’s boot. She was horrified to see her closest friend Remi’s lifeless body there.

Twenty brand-new images from Home and Away’s incredible 2024 season opener show that Cash has called in the SES to assist in searching the isolated outback for any trace of Eden.

When the search yields no results, Cash becomes more and more irate, especially once SES leader Sabrina (Harriet Gordon-Anderson) informs him that she is sending her team on a break.

Cash is forced to inform his sister Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) over the phone that her best friend is gone, which prompts her to race to Crystal George to assist with the search.

The solemn search team is totally blind to the fact that Eden is being held captive in the middle of nowhere by the same men who abandoned her closest friend for dead.

Eden is faced with a terrible fate as she hears the men plotting to “get rid” of her. Her time is running out.

Will it be terrible news or good news when Cash receives a call later from Rose (Kirsty Marillier)?

Will Eden be found by Cash before it’s too late?

In addition, 2024 brings with it more heart-stopping moments, new faces, and drama destined for Summer Bay’s sandy shores.

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Australian fans of Home and Away are being urged by Seven, the network that televises the show there, to give 1800-066-816 in order to hear an exclusive audio message of Cash’s final conversation with Eden.

From within Australia, calls to 18000-066-816 are free of charge, although there can be charges from mobile service providers.

Callers from outside of Australia would probably be charged for making the call, and they will have to prefix the number with +61 or 0061, which is the international dial code for Australia.


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